Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Farm School Visit

This past weekend, we took a trip back down south.
Big K had a ham radio event in Orlando,
and we had a few things to pick up that were left behind when we moved.

We had time to stop by and visit with Faye and Lynn.
It was bittersweet, as I miss these two generous souls,
but it is always good to spend time with them.

Of course, I got a tour of the farm.
Things are hoppin' and it was good to see
how well they are faring.

The mustards were exploding out of the containers.
Folks in this part of the south love their greens.

The eggplant was abundant.
Lynn said it is the best crop he's had in years, maybe ever!
(On Friday, I'll show you what I did with these beauties.)

The banana peppers numbered more than I could count.
The secret's in the sauce 
(turkey poop).

Tomato town was overflowing with gorgeous globes.
These plants look like the best crop I've seen since I've known Lynn.

Unfortunately for me,
they weren't ready for the pickin',
but it was good to see how vibrant and healthy they were.

This is the first time that Lynn is growing juicing carrots.
They were a request from one of his steady customers.
We were gifted with a couple to try them out.

There are plenty more where those came from!
Every pot was just bursting at the seams with juicy goodness.

Hootie the Owl supervised our tour.
It did my heart good to spend time with Faye and Lynn.
It's always a "hoot" 
and we enjoy talking about all things gardening.

They gifted us with a truckload of produce,
which, somehow, 
we managed to fit into the car for the ride back.
Oh, how I've missed Farm School.
But it remains forever in my heart.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope you get to spend it with someone special.

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