Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Safe Winter Travel

Being new to a wintry climate as a driver,
we got some great advice from Faye and Lynn
about what to keep in our cars through the colder season.
Having lived in Wisconsin for most of their lives,
they are veterans of the worst that Mother Nature has to offer.
Although they now reside in sunny Lake Wales, Florida,
they shared with us their "hit list" of necessary items.

Even if you don't have a huge trunk,
these items can be stowed away.
Making room for them is well worth the trouble.

Jumper cables are a staple on our safety list,
and make a practical gift for car owners,
whether they buy new or used .
Even if you never need them yourself,
you could help a motorist whose trip may have been sidelined. 
Most cars come equipped with a tire iron and jack
in case of a flat tire.
It's a good idea to test the jack once a year,
to make sure it is in good working order.

 An ice scraper (not pictured) and a squeegee
are essential to keeping your windshield clear.

 A basic screwdriver set
can mean the difference between being stranded
or getting safely to your destination.

 A socket set can be used to tighten nuts and bolts
and get you on the road again.

 An ABC fire extinguisher should be at the ready
in case of any emergency.
Coolant should be changed out for the season.
There are different formulas for winter and summer conditions.

 This standby is great for home or for the road.
Check out this list of unusual uses for this glorious grease!

An emergency blanket is always a good idea.
Should you get stuck in the middle of nowhere,
at least you can keep warm until help arrives.
Keeping a few non-perishable snacks
and a couple of gallons of water is advisable,
especially before a long road trip. 
And make sure your cell phone is fully charged! 

A folding shovel can be very handy to have
in winter,
when unexpected storms could leave you stranded.   

Where in the name of Mike
would this world be without this miracle of creation?
Duct tape can assist with everything from 
repairing hoses to securing a skewed tail light.

Most of these items are imperative for road trips,
but some are specifically needed in the colder months,
even for trips around town.
Make sure you are prepared for emergency situations.
Safe travels!  

"It is better to travel well than to arrive."

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