Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Maple Hill Hop 114

Maple Hill Hop

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How's your new year going so far?
Until Sunday, our temperatures have been mild,
much like the rest of the country.
We recently got a stiff blast of winter with lows in the 40's
and daytime highs in the 60's. 
Hopefully, it decides to stick around.  
We thought we'd share a few snapshots
of what's going on in our garden this winter.

The peas are finally starting to produce.
The crops don't know what to do,
as they have been expecting cooler days, just like us!

The tat soi is holding its own.
This chinese cabbage is tender, sweet and wonderful in salads.
These seedlings were started from seed a couple of months ago.
Things are definitely taking their time this year.

Tomatoes in winter?  It's Florida!

 My farmer friend Lynn gave me some Brandywine tomato starts.
I'm excited to see them getting some size to them.
I've said before that I'm happy to leave the tomato growing to the experts,
as I've had minimal success with it.
What can I say?  
I'm an eternal optimist.

 These buds are a good sign...
Fingers crossed.

I'm thrilled to say that we've already harvested
one delicious eggplant from the garden.
Hoping that the cool change helps to boost their production.  

The beets have been struggling,
not sure what to make of this weather pattern.
They were recently given a good dose of turkey manure,
so I hope they will perk right up.
These are a winter time favorite.

The salad greens are doing pretty well,
despite the fluctuations in temperatures.
The broccoli and kale need to be reseeded.

This is what happens when you neglect to thin out the carrot patch.
Bad gardener!
I'll eat what I can and wait for the rest of the crop to get bigger.

We're still awaiting baby pineapples.
It's been a while since we planted these,
but I'm not sure it's been two years.
I sure hope we get to sample some of these soon.
There's nothing like home-grown pineapple.

Our banana tree had a baby!
This lil' cutie showed up and will most likely 
be transplanted to another area of the garden.

passionflower vine

Along with the veggies,
we still have quite a few blooms struttin' their stuff.

This native salvia had been severely pruned
and is making a comeback.
Purples and blues are a favorite garden hue.

These sweet pansies are so cheery
and they always make me smile when I see them in the garden.

 This tree was given to us by a neighbor in a small pot.
It's taken 5 years to get about 8 feet tall,
and I absolutely love it.

There were actually two saplings in the pot,
so we got two trees in one!
They add wonderful height to the yardscape. 

 These volunteer vincas form a lovely white carpet
as they spread without any nudging from me.

Yes, we still have sunflowers blooming!
These are the ones that sprout around the bird feeder.
Who cares if the birds make a mess,
when we get to enjoy these beauties!

 These sunflowers have been blooming nonstop since summer.
What a treat.

 Doesn't look like they are in any mood to stop.
Okay by me!

 That's what's going on in our winter garden.
What's happening outside where you are?
HOP to it!