Friday, January 22, 2016

Got Bread?

Due do multiple sensitivities,
our son C has been gluten-free (among other "frees")
for going on 10 years.
Fortunately, there are now a sea of substitutions for those with food allergies.
One thing that's been difficult to find has been a decent sandwich bread.
Being a scratch cook, the first thought was to make it myself.
We had mixed results.
It's just very challenging to make a tasty bread without gluten.
As C must also avoid dairy, coconut oil, and a myriad of other ingredients,
I could never find a bread recipe that gave us good results.
Until now.

We had been buying a gluten-free millet bread from a "local" bakery.
At almost $4.50 a loaf, it was pricey, but the bread was fantastic!
I was even eating it and I'm not gluten sensitive!
Another brand, easily found in the frozen section of our grocery store,
 was even more expensive, and didn't taste as good.

I found a good deal on Amazon for Bob's Red Mill GF bread mix.
The only needed additions are milk (we used rice), eggs/egg whites,
butter (we used olive oil) and salt.
The loaf raised more than I thought it would,
which you can see by the photo above.
Next time I make it, 
I'll make one loaf and maybe some rolls with the remaining dough.

In any case, C loved it.
It's still pricey, at about $4 per loaf,
but it's bread we can make at home and we know exactly what's in it.
The other plus is that Bob's Red Mill is a dedicated gluten-free facility,
so we know there will be no contamination issues.
The only complaint we have is that it's difficult to slice
because it is extremely soft and fragile.
That's a small price to pay for bread that actually tastes like bread.
Toast, anyone?

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