Friday, January 15, 2016

Ten Things to Improve Your New Year

Resolutions are often forgotten 
by the 3rd of 4th week of the year.
Unless we are unwavering in our conscientiousness to live in the moment,
it can be challenging to maintain a toehold on those goals.
With busy lives, it can be a tall order.
Here are some simple things to try.
Try one or all of them!
They are easily incorporated into a daily routine.
Some may be more difficult than others,
but no matter how many you decide to test drive,
one of them may just change your life for the better.
Give 'em a whirl.

1.  Get rid of your full-length mirror.
If you find yourself being critical about the way you look,
give yourself a week without the opportunity to see "the worst".
You may find that you really feel better about yourself.

2.  Start using butter.
Okay, this really does NOT have anything to do with number one up there.
Think about assimilating your new view of yourself (sans mirror),
with seeing, being and enjoying the real you.
Make the transition to eating real foods.
Eating simply adds simplicity to your life.
Butter is made with cream, water and salt.
That's it.  
Besides, butter just makes everything taste better.

3.  Get outside daily.
This will affect you no matter the season.
We all need a dose of the sun's Vitamin D
and it's not the same when supplemented in a pill.
Take a walk, look at snowflakes, listen to the birds singing.
Being connected to the outdoors can be a sacred thing.
You deserve to embrace all of Mother Nature's blessings.

4.  Create 5 minutes of silence for yourself.
Whether you work full-time, go to school,
run a household, or are independently wealthy,
it's vital to listen to the wisdom inside of you.
When we are so busy that we keep silence at bay,
we lose the chance to learn what we need to grow.
Feel free to combine numbers 3 & 4!

5.  Consider your intention first when making decisions.
Using this powerful tool can make the difference between
smooth transitions and hard lessons learned.
If we focus on what we hope to accomplish first,
we learn to develop our sense of purpose,
and preferences will be more easily  determined.

6.  Make yourself smile.
Just remembering a fond memory can change our mood.
Whether it's something from long ago, or earlier in the day,
 bringing to mind those things that cheer or encourage us,
can alter our entire day, in a good way.
We can control the thoughts we allow,
so why not use them to our advantage?

7.  Give something to someone at least once a day.
It could be a compliment, a hug, or a small token,
but make it sincere.
This is a win-win, because not only will you feel better,
it's sure to brighten someone's day.
And hey, then you can use this situation to cross number 6 off of your list.

8.  Say thank you more often.
Surely there is someone who has done something kind toward you.
Be sure to acknowledge and appreciate those acts of generosity.
It could be something as basic as opening a door so that you can pass, 
or as compelling as taking the time to shake a veteran's hand 
and thanking him/her for their service to our country.
Not only do you feel good doing it, 
but it also solidifies the perspective that good souls surround you.
Sometimes we need to be reminded.

9.  Make something yourself.
It could be your first loaf of homemade bread,
sewing a pillow, writing a poem, or building a bench.
Fostering the sense of creativity that we all have
is paramount to one's well-being.
We are innately creative,
we sometimes just get too busy to nurture that part of us.
It's worth it.
Trust me.

10.  Simplify in any way you can.
Start with one shelf in a bookcase, one bathroom cabinet,
or one corner of the garage.
Sometimes we need to get the "stuff" out of our way.
Keeping in mind what is working for you,
or what might be better used by someone else is key.
Always focus on intention when clearing the clutter.
It really does make a difference.

I'd love to hear some of your ideas for improving your new year.
Have you already started?
It's never too late to get crackin'!
Enjoy your weekend, y'all!

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