Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thrifty Thursday-Spoon Plant Markers

While planting the fall garden,
I ran out of markers.
Usually, the tags that come with purchased plants are reused for this purpose,
but they had all been used up and recycled.
What's a gardener to do?

These plastic spoons were perfect for the job.
They were just sitting in a kitchen cabinet,
asking to be useful.
If you don't have spoons,
any item that's basically the same shape will work.
Wooden skewers, craft sticks, 
we've even used straws with duct tape flags.

With just enough surface area to write the date
and variety, they were put to the task.
The marker being used is one given to me by my friend Lynn.
It's a bit pricier than a standard magic marker,
but it works much better in this application.
Won't fade a bit, no matter how much weather it takes.

I've been known to plant things and then forget to mark the area.
With these handy markers,
all I had to do was stick the handle end in the ground
and they are easily read.

We look forward to creating more markers
for the rest of the goodies we'll be planting
throughout the fall season.

Here are some other ideas about repurposing in the garden:

 Shard Bird Feeders
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