Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Maple Hill Hop 102

Maple Hill Hop

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Fall ushers in a new season of gardening and inspiration.
It was time for the local Master Gardener's Plant Sale.
I got there around 9:30 on Saturday,
and had plenty of company.

There was a great selection of butterfly plants.
This milkweed seemed to be very popular.

Other aisles contained native varieties or
Florida-friendly selections.
We have used both of these type of plants exclusively in our garden beds.
It really makes the most sense.
Natives and Florida-friendly plants are less fussy
and more resilient because they are meant to be grown in our area.
They need less water, no fertilizers and need not be covered in winter.

There weren't many cleome plants left.
These beauties make a dramatic impact in the garden.

These are long-leaf pine saplings.
The texture is phenomenal.
These will grow to be up to 40 feet tall.
They just scream "Old Florida".

Here's another evergreen that looked like a miniature Christmas tree.
It was irresistible and one was brought home.
It will be placed in a pot and possibly taken with us when we move.
If it won't tolerate the new climate,
we'll just give to friends.
We can always come back to visit it!

With so many choices, it was difficult to limit my purchases to just two.
At this point, it doesn't make sense to continue to add to the garden.
It does give me lots of ideas though, about our future property.
Natives are the way to go.

We already host several types of caterpillars and butterflies,
and have many varieties of plants able to accomplish that goal.
This cigarette plant is a butterfly AND hummingbird attractor.
That's something we haven't yet ventured into,
but could easily be convinced to do so.
Something new and exciting is sure to come our way!

What have you been up to outdoors?
HOP on!


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