Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lettuce Need Not Apply

It may be hard to believe if you're anywhere 
north of the Mason-Dixon Line,
but for the most part,
lettuce takes a vacation during the summer months here in Central Florida.
It's too blazin' hot for it to grow
and without much shade, there aren't many choices for growing.

A couple of new slow-bolt varieties will be tried,
as soon as the seeds germinate.
The area around the former fern bed is about the only shade in the backyard,
so that'll be the first place to try them out.
We recently transplanted Simpson Elite and Buttercrunch there.
Last year I used window screens to shield crops from the intense sun.
It worked so-so.

The other option is to rethink what goes into a salad.
We're still able to get some greens from Faye & Lynn,
and it's been a fun and creative challenge 
to produce an enticing and delicious salad.


Here are a few ideas in case you find yourself without lettuce:

leftover steamed veggies
shredded carrot
chick peas (or any bean)
homemade sprouts
red cabbage (or any cabbage)
cherry tomatoes
leftover cooked chicken or fish
sunflower seeds
any type of nut

Until the new lettuce comes up and is ready for harvest,
it's good to know there are plenty of good things
with which to fill the salad bowl.

What's your favorite addition to salad?


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