Friday, June 19, 2015

The People's Pharmacy

The People's Pharmacy with Joe and Terry Graedon 
is a radio show
dedicated to empowering the listener
with information about health.
We listen to it every Saturday at 7 a.m.
on our local public radio station.
It's one of the best hours of the week.

I always learn something new 
and it's a great way to keep up with
current dietary and health news.
Being someone who leans more toward
natural remedies and the wisdom of old-fashioned common sense, 
this show explores many of the home remedies we all grew up with.
In many cases, it's better than what the doctor ordered.

Beyond that, practitioners from many different medical fields
participate in providing the latest information on a variety of health-related topics.
A specific subject each week is discussed 
and folks can call in and ask questions or share their experiences.

Big K and I listened in amazement last week,
when Dr. Neil Spector shared his story
about being misdiagnosed.
The man nearly died before his fellow physicians
started taking him seriously about his symptoms.
Who needs reality tv, when stuff like this is going on?

The topics range from homemade remedies for the common cold 
to the latest research being done at the university level.
There is a lot of great practical information to be heard.

Here's where you can find the program in your area:
The People's Pharmacy

I hope you'll listen in and tell me what you think!

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