Thursday, May 14, 2015

Easy Sproutin'!

I've posted before about making your own sprouts.
It's pretty easy,
all you need is a jar, some beans and water.
You can read about that here and here.

This gizmo was given to me by my farmer friends, Faye & Lynn.
It's one of those vintage items that's been in their on-site storage for a while.
I'm not even sure they are made anymore.
They asked me if I wanted to try it out.
Always game for a new food adventure, I agreed.

It comes with a base, three clear tiers and a top (left/front) cover.
You can use one or all of the tiers,
depending on how many folks eat sprouts in your household.
It's nice to have a variety of sprouts too.
 My order of alfalfa is expected soon,
and I'll be trying them out as well.

These little gadgets are the secret.
They fit on every level (except the base) and allow water to trickle down.

I used dried lentils that I had in the pantry.
I just filled up the bottom vessel.

After adding the top container over the beans,
 about 2 cups of water was added.

See the water trickling down?

The water is changed just once daily.
Simply remove the top tier,
and reuse the water in the base to water house or patio plants.
This is how they looked after three days.

You just know they're gonna be delicious!

Here's what happened after 5 days.
It made me wonder if it would also work
for sprouting hard-shelled seeds for sowing.

Am I the only one who thinks this is fascinating?
Those dried beans just want to grow
and give us something fresh to eat!
What a great lesson for kids to see how God is always providing.

The sprouts were dumped into a colander and rinsed.

They were drained for a bit,
but you could also spin them in a salad spinner.

What a wonderful addition to any salad or sandwich.
However you decide to do it,
get your sprouts on!

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