Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 56

Maple Hill Hop

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"Veterans Day is intended to honor and thank all military personnel who served the United States in all wars, particularly living veterans."
Thank you Veterans and your loved ones
for having made sacrifices for our country.
Without you and your dedication,
our nation would surely be lost.
May God bless and keep you all.


Last week, Big K took a day off so that we could visit
The Florida Flywheelers' November event.
It's an antique tractor club
that opens its doors to the public a few times a year.

We enjoy the flea market area.
They always have oodles of kitchen equipment
and assorted treasures.

These refrigerator dishes were so tempting,
but I left them for someone else to find.

There were some new-fangled things, like this rooster 
fashioned from recycled tires.

This wall of tractor seats caught my eye.
What fun to have a collection of these!

 Various engines are displayed.
It is the Flywheelers after all.
They sputter and pop and make quite a racket.
Lil' Guy has hearing sensitivity, but he shared with us
that this was the first year that we've been going
when these engines didn't really bother him.

A wonderful array of tractors can be found.
This was the John Deere area,
but tractors of every make and model can be found.

We are partial to John Deere,
as Big K hails from the region where they are manufactured.
Made in the USA!

In the village area, where folks have their barns filled with collections for visitors to enjoy,
we found this fall garden planted with beans, peas, greens and flowers.
Such a wonderful surprise at the end of our tour.
This is hands-down one of favorite places to visit
and we go back whenever an event is planned.

You can see past Flywheeler visits

Now, let's HOP!


  1. Thanks for hosting - Hope you have a great day! That market looks like a fun place!

  2. Daisy, being in the heart of farm country almost every county and state fair has antique tractors and engines. Ha, what's funny to me is that many of the antique tractors were ones that I used in my youth. It is amazing how tractors have changed into monstrous machines that move through the fields with machinery that's so heavy it has to be hydraulically adjusted to fit the conditions of the field. The display of new and old tractors are always a draw to me at the fairs or festivals.

    Have a great Flywheeler day.

  3. Oh I love love love flea markets. I would have snapped those refrigerator dishes right up. :)

  4. I just ran across your blog and I've really enjoyed reading your posts. We used to live in Central Florida so it's brought back fond memories. I would love to link up to your party but it seems that the add your link isn't working. Thanks for sharing!


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