Friday, November 21, 2014

Boo's Excellent Birthday Adventure!

Last weekend was our boy's 14th birthday.
Where in the world does the time go?!

 We planned a little trip to one of his favorite places.
We headed to Downtown Disney to pay a trip to The Lego Store.

Although we've visited here many times,
we'd never gone on a Sunday morning.
It was shocking to see the store almost empty
when we arrived just after it opened.
It was beyond fabulous!
(Can you tell we don't much like crowds?)

 We were greeted by the usual amazing sculptures.
Here's a family of tourists enjoying the shopping mecca.

The Hulk was there to handle the expected crowd.

 Toy Story figures were happy to pose for pictures.

The work that goes into these masterpieces is unbelievable.
There are Lego Master builders right on the premises who put them together.
I think our boy could definitely land that job.

You can see some of our boy's Lego creations here.

In and outside of the store are building tables
to encourage young builders to let their imaginations go wild!

 This is the Pick-a-Brick wall.
For a flat rate, enthusiasts can fill a cup with any mix of bricks.

It's quite an accent wall, no?

 There are also scenes depicted along the wall of the store
to spark ideas about what can be created with just a bit of time and energy.

Of course, some things take a bit longer...

Okay, a LOT longer.

Although we enjoy our trips to this magical place,
it can be overwhelming for our boy.
Not only are the choices numerous,
but once the store gets busy,
the sheer number of shoppers can cause difficulties.
Kids with autism are challenged in crowded spaces
due to sensory sensitivites.
(He wears shades and headphones most places.)
That's why most of the time we get to places when they open,
and leave before it's too much.
We had a great experience with this visit
and he was so happy with his purchase.

The birthday boy had a wonderful day
and for that, we are so grateful.

Let them eat (gf) cake!


  1. What an amazing store! My boy (who is now 28) would still love to go there, I'm sure. It's interesting to learn about the ways you've come up with to cope with autism. xo

    1. It really is magical, if you are into Legos. So glad you stopped by!

  2. What an amazing place. It would be a great trip any time. The kid in all of us would love it! A very happy 14th birthday to your son. I so agree at how quickly the time passes.

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Nice to see you here!

  3. Legos are such an amazing invention! I have fond memories of them myself. Happy belated Birthday wishes to such a sweet boy. :)

    1. Aw, thanks, Staci. They really are a wonderful creative outlet.


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