Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Tidings

Autumn is inching its way toward our region.
Temperatures grace the 60's in the earliest morning hours,
but our highs are still in the 80's.
What's a gardener to do?
Get out there as early as possible
and enjoy the beauty that God has provided us.


zinnias are just about through for the season

native butterfly vine is a bright spot in the yard

society garlic

gerbera daisy

blue daze just keep on bloomin'

 native cotton plant flower


jasmine yet to open



orange cosmos reaching toward the heavens

Fresh mulch was added to the front beds this weekend.
We apply only pine bark and pine straw in our planting beds. 
Cypress mulch was previously used
because we liked the color,
but that was before we were educated
as to why it's not the best choice.

Someone's found a way to beat the heat...

She approves of the newly laid groundcover.

Enjoy your Tuesday, y'all!

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