Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday Tidings-A Family Ride

We haven't been able to do much bike riding as a family
in the last year due to other obligations.
We decided to pay another visit to one of our favorite
state parks-
Highland Hammocks in Sebring, FL.

Ready for a tour?

Walking trails are a great detour for stretching your legs.

The cypress knees spotted the forest floor.

We marveled at the height of the tree canopy.

With an abundance of shade,
it's no wonder there is lovely moss growing,
even right on the paved roads.

This is the same shrub that we found growing in our yard.
It has dark leaves and pink blooms.
Must be a native.

There was a lot of standing water this time.
We'd never seen these puddle-loving purple blooms before.

It's not easy to see here,
but there was a spider web stretched from the tree
on the farthest left to the farthest right.
(Sorry, I don't know how to add arrows.)
Wow, that was some work!

I think it'll have food stocked up for quite a while.

This is one of the buildings built by the CCC
long ago.

We managed to find some critters on our adventure,
or maybe they found us...

Lil' Guy spotted this beauty as we entered the park.

This sweet thing came to pay us a visit
as we sat down to eat.

He's spied our picnic spot!

Little stinker wanted some of our lunch.

It sure felt good to be out there!
Hopefully, we'll get to do this a lot more often.

Have a wonderful day, y'all!