Friday, May 17, 2024

Homestead Happenings

Hello there!
Welcome to Homestead Happenings,
where we share what's going on here on our
Piedmont homestead.
The weather here has been beautiful and quite conducive
to working outdoors.
Unless you count the six inches of rain
we've gotten in the past week.
Oh, it's been a wet, soggy mess,
but the garden is soaking it all in.
The rain is about the only thing
that could keep me inside,
as our temperatures have been oh, so mild.

Our handy neighbor Joe,
who has helped us with several projects,
put together this shelving for me.
I told him how I like things tidy,
even outside, and he whipped up these two beauties.
The one pictured here is near the garden and 
corrals all of my pots and bins.

He also created shelving under our deck,
so that I can keep all of my trellises, conduit,
and the like well off the ground.
Another request fulfilled was a frame for my soil blocks.
I'm working my way toward using less plastic,
and soil blocks are a great way to get plants started.
We have the best neighbors.

It's been a wonderful spring for meeting other gardeners,
while having the opportunity to share my extra starts.
Everyone who comes to collect something
has been so kind and gracious,
even offering up seeds or plants in exchange.
Gardeners are a generous lot.

Our dahlias have started to open up,
and what a treat they are to gaze upon.
The bonus is that the pollinators love 'em!

The asparagus is still giving us a few stalks a week,
but it has mostly gone to seed.
I didn't think I would tire of eating it,
but for the last little while,
I've been giving it to neighbors.

I tried an experiment with these seedlings.
The pots were put in with the chooks,
which they quickly and thoroughly devoured.
This is what they looked like after a week.
One regrew and the other did not,
but it was cool to see one rebound.

The two new Birdie beds have been filled 
and are ready to grow some food!
Big K helped me place a cattle panel arch
between the two beds.
Seminole pumpkin and Cushaw squash/melon
have been planted alongside it.

This is the view of the garden from our "spa" room.
I'm pleased with the layout so far.
There will surely be some tweaking,
but I like the more condensed, streamlined look.

The babies have been outside fulltime for a few weeks now.
They seem to be adapting well to all the sights and sounds
around them.
Once they become similar in size to the other hens,
they will be integrated into the flock.
The decision has been made that Gandalf will
live the bachelor life in this coop, out on the grass.  
He will still be able to have free ranging time,
but he will be separated from the girls.
As we have not been able to find a suitable home for him elsewhere,
this is the best we can do for him.

lamb's ear blooms

I'd love to hear about what's happening 
on your homestead!
Do tell!


  1. Everything is so nice and organized – I love the way it looks!! We’ve had so much rain here I’m falling behind, but the perennials are popping up nicely. My Rototiller quit working, 🙄 and yes, I’ve had it for probably 20 years - the price to repair it is getting too expensive and pricing a similar one is outrageous now. Doing a little looking around this weekend to see if a smaller one will do the job. Gandalf will be quite happy in his bachelor pad - that’s what I did with Bandido - he could see the girls, and still mind his manners!

    1. I wonder if you've ever considered the "no dig" way of gardening? Charles Dowding is a master of this technique.
      You can't know how relieved I am to hear that you segregated your roo. I will move forward with a clear conscience.
      Thanks for visiting!

  2. That's a great idea to cut lambs ear blooms, as they get kind of sprawling here. Your garden layout looks great, and having the mulch cover makes so much sense. What a lovely color dahlia. I'm still disappointed that the pink and pink/yellow dahlias I bought turned out to both be white. Your organizing projects look fantastic! Pretty awesome neighbor you got there. Your first, beautiful photo makes me feel calm just looking at it. Happy gardening!

    1. Yes, as they are in the front of the border, they were starting to take over, so I thought they would make a nice indoor arrangement. It's wonderful having fresh flowers in the house.
      I could send you some dahlia seeds if you like.
      Have a lovely weekend, Laurie!

  3. What a great neighbor! I love how organized everything is.

    So happy that the new chicks are doing well. It's amazing how much they change and so quickly, isn't it? I just lost a girl to, I'm pretty sure, sour crop. I did everything there is to do and she did better for a couple of days but then went downhill again. Maybe she had another issue that I wasn't aware of as well. It's just so hard when you know they are sick but can't seem to help them.

    We've been blessed with some rain this past week as well and the garden is loving it!

    Tired of asparagus? Say it isn't so!!! We just started harvesting ours so we are so excited every single day at whatever we get.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    1. One of our chooks had sour crop, but what I did seemed to help, so she's back to having an empty crop in the mornings. Now we just need to deal with her balance issue. It's always something...
      Enjoy your asparagus!

  4. Wow, your garden is looking great--so neat and orderly! I love the view from the spa room. You've really made some awesome improvements. I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. I'm wondering how much rain you've gotten, as you are a little further north than where my farmer friends live.
      Hope all is well in your world.

  5. That's a lot of rain! Even so, everything looks so nice and tidy. The shelves your neighbor helped with are great. And good for you for trying to use less plastic. Me too.

    Did you know that they used to use lambs ear leaves as bandages? Apparently, they have something of an antibiotic effect. Not sure how they kept them on, rag bandages probably.

    1. Yes, I had read that about lamb's ears. Isn't it just amazing what you learn? They are so soft, it feels wonderful against one's skin.
      Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a productive weekend.


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