Friday, April 12, 2024

Homestead Happenings

It's time for Homestead Happenings,
where we share what's going on 
around our Piedmont  homestead.
We are wrapping up some of the bigger projects
before we jumpstart the spring garden season.

The baby chicks are getting so big,
and are flying/jumping out of the tub
at every chance.
It will soon be warming up 
and they may be getting their first outdoor experience this weekend,
when temperatures will be in the 80's.
We will take them out briefly to acclimate them to the great outdoors.
It should be fun.
We are new to chick raising,
so any advice from you seasoned chicken folks is welcome.


columbine too!

The irises surrounding the chook run are starting to bloom.
The bonus is that since the renovation of the run,
the plants are no longer within reach of the chooks.
No more dining on iris foliage!

The garlic in the grow bags is doing marvelously!
This is the first time I've grown garlic this way,
and I have to say, that it seems to suit.
One thing that made it easier is the fact that
we've had ample rain, and so there has been no need to water.

The main garlic bed is coming along nicely.
The bed was deconstructed,
and will remain more of a raised row.
There is a scattering of lettuce and I noticed last week
that a couple of potato plants from the fall are coming up.
More spuds!

Although winter is officially over,
several crops and flowers were sown using
I've never grown flowers this way,
so it'll be interesting to see if the germination rate
is as successful as it has been for our veg.
Betty is a wonderful supervisor.

Determined to get some strawberries this year,
drastic measures have been taken to keep the squirrels away from the booty.
I used some hardware cloth to form a ring around this Birdie's round bed,
and cut a piece to lay across the top.
All of our new beds will have hardware cloth
on the bottom as well.

To add insult to injury,
I covered the whole kit-and-kaboodle with row cover.
Take that, you pesky varmints!
Fingers crossed.

The final project before beds are planted,
is to revise the irrigation system.
Some of the beds will be moved,
and I figured out an easier way to 
get the water to the beds.
I took inventory of what materials I had on hand,
and was pleased to see that I needed only to purchase
a few things.
I use mostly products from 
Mister Landscaper because they are 
made in the USA!

One handy hint when running irrigation 
is to lay out your poly and drip lines 
to warm in the sun before beginning.  
It makes it easier to insert connective parts.
Another option is to place the end of the poly 
in a bucket of hot water to make it more pliable.

I was able to lay out most of the irrigation lines,
and will connect everything once the needed parts are purchased.
Everything will be buried under the soil
and wood chips will complete the task.
The design I'm using this time will make for an easy set up,
as there are fewer elbows and tees needed.

We've been skunked!
Big K spotted a skunk INSIDE the smaller chook run
the other morning (4:30 am).
This was the entry hole that was found the next day
at the entry door to the larger run.
So, the stinker (pun intended) succeeded in 
getting into both runs. 
Thankfully, our Omlet coops kept them all safe.

Hardware cloth has been added to the perimeter of each run,
with long boards on top of that.
Hopefully, this critter will look elsewhere for a meal.

This cabbage looks deceiving.
Picture worthy, indeed,
but the heads have not formed.
Without a lot of experience with this crop,
it's a mystery.
It was promptly harvested and given to the chooks.
The time has come to ready the garden for spring crops.

The weather has been drop dead gorgeous,
as my beloved farmer Lynn likes to say.
With another dose of solid rain this week,
hand watering has been unnecessary.
What a luxury.

I hope you are savoring the magic of spring.
May you be surrounded by peace.


  1. I'm so glad that skunk didn't get to your girls! Talking about your strawberry set up gave me a laugh, though I know critters getting your food isn't exactly a laughing matter. There are such things as cabbage collards, which we've grown. I wonder if one (or more?) could have gotten mixed in? If you grew them yourself, though, not sure. It looks like it may get crazy hot next week. Enjoy your week!

    1. That's one of the best things about the Omlet coops. They are very secure.
      Hmmm, I never heard of that crop. I bought these starts, so that's a possiblity.
      The weather is picture perfect lately! Enjoy!

  2. Everything looks so great - oh my! Nothing able to be planted here until mid-May as we can always get cold temps until then. The only color I have is daffodils and a magnolia tree - the weather is “cracker dog” as the kids would always say. Ahh yes I do see weeds though - little devils. Hoping for warm and dry weather next week to at least clean out the beds and do some pruning. I love that you’re doing such inspiration for me! The chicks look so sweet - the only two cents I have is, I would give them electrolytes to keep them as healthy as possible, and I always had a cheat sheet to tell me how far away to move the heat lamp as they got older😉. Enjoy the weekend!

    1. May is right around the corner! Weeds always manage to grow, don't they though? ;0D
      Thanks for the chook advice. We have a stand up warmer, and I'll need to see how to arrange that as they get older. Hope you have sunny skies ahead in your week!

    2. I wanted to drop in over here too, not everybody gets the time to follow up on comments they might’ve made over at my blog. I want to thank you for the nicest words about Azzie - they brought tears to my eyes. 💕

    3. Thank you for taking the time. My heart goes out to you.


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