Friday, February 23, 2024

Homestead Happenings

Greetings to you from Maple Hill 101!
We have a few things to share this week
about our homestead activities.
This little winter vignette has brought me so much comfort,
with the delicate white lights and the cheery bear on the card.
Several times a day I'll find myself just smiling
when I catch a glimpse of it.

Winter sowing continues, as spring inches closer.
We have had some success with chamomile, dill, kale, leek, 
lettuce, onions and dianthus germinating well.
The beans, parsley and thyme have not done well,
but will be resown in the next week or so.

lots of lettuce!

A large bin of broccoli shoots was harvested
and will no doubt be enjoyed all weekend.

The cabbage is finally started to head.
I can't wait to sample this homegrown newbie!

These chives decided to come back to life
after looking mighty bad most of the winter.
Bring on the potato salad!

The sweet potato slips have been started.

These were homegrown sweet potatoes
that were saved from our fall harvest.
Matchsticks were used in place of toothpicks
(we don't buy those) to suspend the spuds in the cans.
In a few weeks, we should have slips!

Last time I mentioned this heritage flour
from Sunrise Flour Mill in Minnesota.
A friend recommended it to me,
as she knows I have issues with gluten sensitivity.

I'm happy to report that not only was the bread de-lish,
there was absolutely no reaction to my skin
after devouring the entire loaf myself!
Dinner rolls or challah bread will be tried next.

The new chook run has been started.
It came in one ginormous box that weighed a ton.
Fortunately, the assembly was fairly easy,
especially since Big K was there to help.

We are awaiting the hardware cloth to be delivered,
so that we can finish it up.  The outer fence will be taken down,
and used underneath the perimeter of the new run,
to act as a predator deterrent.
We'll also have some sort of stone all along the outside
to keep trouble makers at bay.
We hope to complete the build by next weekend.
This will allow me to commence working on the new design
of the garden, which is to the left of the run.
Things need to be rearranged, but the run has to be finished first. 

We lost our beloved Ruby last week.
She was such a sweet and gentle soul.
We think the culprit was water belly,
of which I knew very little.
Unfortunately, it is a condition that has no cure.
We miss you dearly, sweet girl,
but know that we'll see you again someday.

I hope you'll share what's happening on your homestead.


  1. Hi Daisy! We have Strawberry shoots coming up, 4 large Blueberry Bushes to plant and this weekend we start on the goat pen. We are getting 2 brush eaters to help clear our overgrown land. I have taught myself to pressure can and have enjoyed settling into our place here in East Texas.

    1. Sounds like you've got a productive weekend ahead! Enjoy the process!

  2. What a run! Lucky chickens. So sorry to hear about Ruby, though. It's always so sad to lose them.

    I'm amazed your sweet potatoes are sprouting. Nothing from mine yet, although perhaps my pantry is too cool for that.

    1. Yes, we hope that the new run will be a better space for them, as well as looking a bit more tidy.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Gosh, I'd never heard of water belly. I'm sorry you lost your Ruby. I bet the chickens will love their new run. I've had mixed results with this year's winter sowing. All the marigolds, and some of the zinnias froze, and the lettuce seeds seem to have all molded. But other things are doing well. Replanting lettuce will be on the list this weekend.

    That's wonderful you found a flour you can tolerate. I'm happy for you! I noticed our chives coming back this week too. Enjoy that yummy broccoli!

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      Yes, I would resow. I have a few things I will be replanting as well.
      How 'bout that?! This weekend will be good for baking, so I'll give it another go.
      Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I'm so sorry to read about Ruby. They are such sweet souls with wonderful personalities. She was a lucky chicken to have been loved so much. Speaking of chickens....that outdoor run is spectacular! They are going to love it!!

    I am always in awe of your early planting - so much goodness there! I am starting to get the gardening itch despite continuing to remind myself to enjoy the season we are in.....

    I'm so happy for you about the flour! How wonderful to have a tasty option!! I bet that loaf was delicious. Your winter vignette is so sweet. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

    1. Thank you, Staci. I know you understand about the chooks.

      Our planting zone just got bumped up to 8 from 7b, so I guess we'll be planting earlier in the years to come.
      We are fortunate to be able to grow pretty much year round. It's a blessing.
      Hope your weekend is spectacular!


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