Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Mundy House Craft Show


This weekend the weather was perfect for an indoor craft show.
One that we've been enjoying for a few years now
is the Christmas Market  hosted by
the Community Garden Club of Eastern Lincoln County and
The East Lincoln Historical Society.
The event is held at the historic Mundy House,
which is a restored farmhouse from the 1800's.
You can read more about the house and garden here.

The fair offered a wonderful display of handcrafted items
from local artists.
This booth held delightful figurines and holiday decor
by Squirrel's Nest.
Joni Prew is the creator and she can be reached at
704-779-6263 or jprew@bellsouth.net.

These gorgeous hand painted silk scarves are a labor of love.
Nancy Zethof explained the process to me, and I was astounded
at the time commitment required to fashion these one of a kind scarves.
Each masterpiece is oh-so soft and would enhance any outfit.
If you're looking for a truly custom gift idea,
contact Nancy at 704-777-3617 or gmae3993@gmail.com.

Bobbie Black has a wide selection of beautifully hand made pottery.
Her creativity shines in every piece she creates.
Please feel free to visit her website here.
You might find something you can't live without!

The best surprise of the morning awaited me at the next booth.
Big K and I were admiring these festive items and noticed
that many of the components had been upcycled.
Right up our alley, right?
We came to find out that the gentleman responsible for these whimsical pieces,
is our straw provider.
He lives a few miles from our home and is a humble farmer.
Who knew he had such an amazing gift for art?
Mr. Emmet and Mrs. Poole can be reached at 704-735-1033.

Another building on the property showcased holiday decor
fashioned by the volunteers from the garden club and historical society.
These items were constructed of mostly found articles on the property.

What a wonderful way to spend a cold, autumn morning
while supporting the local community.
This is one of my favorite craft shows,
and there is always something sure to please.

Who doesn't love a handmade gift?


  1. How wonderful! Lots of treasures there. The cork snowman is a fun use for them. Those types of birdhouses have always been a favorite, with bits and pieces from days gone by. How lovely the artist was someone you knew.

  2. Yes, lots of great ideas to be had!

  3. What a wonderful craft show! It's so inspiring to see all of the talent and creativity.


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