Friday, January 13, 2023

Homestead Update

Welcome to Garden Friday(?)
This is more of an update on the Homestead in general,
as not a dang thing is going on in the garden.
We have some garlic and asparagus planted out there,
but the only thing really growing right now (thanks to ample rain) is the cover crop.
We planted Winter Rye in the beds that we are not using for fall/winter harvest.
What had been growing was decimated by the freeze.
One bright spot, our sunrises have been exquisite!

We had our overhanging trees trimmed 
on the back of the property.
As you can see here,
there was quite a bit hanging over the house and back deck.
This growth was also interfering with Big K's HAM radio antennas.

 After the work was done,
it not only looks neater,
but it allows for more light into the north side of the house.
No worry of branches causing damage to the roof either.

 The 2023 project list has been assembled.
Last year we really didn't do much to the house,
but now that I have started receiving my Social Security money,
we will be able to tackle a few things on our list.
Looking forward to getting some of the house updated.
With the initial leveling work completed,
the area for the newly purchased shed is being prepped.
We need to add gravel which will be the base for
our Trex planks and then the shed itself.
I'm so looking forward to having all of my tools
and equipment in one, covered space.
Some of our chook supplies will be kept in the 7X7 shed as well.
We hope to get to work on assembling it this coming weekend,
weather permitting.

The price of eggs is the most common topic of conversation around these parts.
Makes me so grateful to have our girls providing
one of nature's most perfect foods.
Life is better with chickens.

Hope the sun is shining where you are!


  1. Great post Daisy! It's a good time of year to slow the pace and plan for the days ahead. In homesteading, it seems like gardens and critters usually take priority, but it's lovely to get work done on the house too. I hope you accomplish everything on your list!

  2. I have come to enjoy the routine of the seasons, as I believe they keep us connected to not only our home. But each other.

  3. Hooray for a house project list! Happy you'll get to do some updates that you've been wanting to do. And that's great about your shed!

    I've been hearing people talk about eggs around here too and I had no idea what the prices were - I don't even look at them in the stores. Our farmers market vendors have been running out of them every week, which is great for them! I don't think we have a shortage in this area like some states are reporting, rather the store prices are now comparable to the farmers market prices.

    The sky coloring in that first photo is absolutely stunning.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend and week ahead!

    1. Yes, it feels good to know we are finally moving forward with the house. The local farmers who sell eggs are doing a service for customers. They're getting better eggs for less cost.

  4. I do a Farmhouse Friday kinda post too, but in WI here, nothing going on in my garden either. The back looks nice with the trees all trimmed up. My hens started laying again, so I have enough for myself. Your project list looks good. I hope you can complete them.

    1. I imagine you are covered in snow about now.
      Our girls are giving us about 2-3 a day, which suits us. I just don't have as many to share as I'd like.
      Thank you for your kind words.

  5. I'm happy to see a new post. That's a good project list, but that's always the way when you have a home and garden, isn't it? It's always a good feeling to get them crossed off the list, and be able to enjoy whatever it is. I have no idea what eggs are costing here, but am thankful the girls' laying is picking up with the increased sunlight. The tree trimming really made a difference. It almost looks like the house can breathe again. Enjoy these sunny days!

    1. Always good to see you here, Laurie.
      I've been impressed with the Comets. They've pretty much been the only layers through this cold spell.
      I like your description of the house being able to breathe. I hadn't thought of that, but you are spot on! ;0D

  6. I enjoyed hearing about all the projects you're working on and seeing your project list for the year. It's so nice when the holidays are over and we finally have time to think and plan. I can't wait to see your new shed--it will be so great to be able to organize all your tools and supplies there. (I'd really like a shed myself.) The trimmed-up trees look beautiful. It's amazing the difference that pruning can make!

    1. It's so nice to see you here, Leslie. I think you would love decorating and customizing a shed in your beautiful garden. I can see it surrounded by fairies and elves!
      Yes, New Year's is my second favorite holiday-I just love new beginnings!
      Have an amazing week!


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