Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Going Local-Two Shelby Museums

It's been a while since we've featured some local attractions.
But then, it's been some time since we've gone anywhere.
With the last two years keeping us mostly home,
it felt good to get out and about again.
We headed to Shelby,
which is just southeast of our location,
to visit a couple of museums we've been wanting to visit.
The first place we stopped was the

This museum is dedicated to 
"Preserving the history of lineman
and the electrical utility industry".
There were rooms of equipment from all over the country.

 What an amazing display of materials they own.
We were totally mesmerized with the vintage pieces of apparatus.

Along with all of the equipment,
were displays explaining the job of a lineman,
including information about many of the hazards of the job.
A plaque out front honors those who have perished on the job.

 There were so many wonderful antiques,
and I couldn't help but think about
how some of these items could be repurposed for other uses.
With a little tweaking,
this would make a swanky chandelier.

The other museum that we've wanted to visit for ages, 
is the Earl Scruggs Center, right in the heart of Shelby.
Earl Scruggs, for those of you who may not know,
was one of the pioneers of bluegrass music.
His unique style of playing the banjo
has been replicated by many musicians.

The museum offers a self-guided tour,
including many interactive displays.
A gift shop where tickets can be purchased 
sits at the entrance,
and I couldn't help but treat myself
to a pair of banjo earrings!

After our tours, 
Big K and I found a great lil' bistro
and got some food to take home for lunch.
All in all, 
it was a fun morning and it felt great to be able to discover
such wonderful places,
just a hop, skip and a jump away.
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  1. How fun! My BIL was a lineman for a time. Is that you with your banjo earrings on? You look like you're having a fun, relaxing day. I'm glad you're feeling able to get out and about again.

  2. It looks like a very fun day - and banjo earrings to boot!

  3. I the idea of banjo earrings! And I love that someone created a lineman museum. Museums like that preserve fascinating peeks into our past. There's so much more to history than dates and famous people.

  4. Finding the fun spots to visit is always a great way to spend the day - especially local! A day trip means a change of scenery without long travel and expense. Would love to have seen all the antiques, and you're right, so many clever people re purpose them into amazing things!


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