Friday, May 20, 2022

Garden Friday

First daisy of the season
Welcome back to Garden Friday,
where we share the goings-on of our Zone 7b Piedmont garden.

This week has found us dealing with some scorching temperatures,
but so far, we are harvesting lettuce without any problem.
The lettuce in the background has bolted,
so we are leaving it in place to save seed.
We've even enjoyed a handful of snap peas in the last week.

The carrots were cut into matchsticks
and placed in a pickling solution.
This is one of my favorite ways to eat carrots.
Great for the gut!

The soil test I did for the blueberries is not good news.
The pH is waaaay off, although I added some soil acidifier
when the new plants went in last fall.
Back to the drawing board.

It was a thrill to see the potatoes flowering!
It won't be long until harvest time.

More daisies are on the way.
Can you ever have enough daisies?

I noticed what looks like a squash plant
coming up from one of the straw bales I have yet to plant.
I will leave it in place and see what it wants to be when it grows up.

The next few shots show what it's like for me
when I try to take pictures of the garden.
Photo bombed by the chooks!
They insist on being included in near every shot.
Here they are admiring the cannas that will provide them shade.

Queenie was noticing how well the clematis is doing
 on the new chook run fencing.
A gal needs pretty flowers around her, no?

The moonflowers are starting to come up around the fence.
These will provide us with a heavenly scent in the evening.

 The melons are coming along nicely.
This is one crop that I'm really interested in mastering.
I'm a long way from it, but we keep trying.
Melon is one of my boy's favorite things.

Have you ever seen anything eating a Redbud tree?
I'm thinking our resident (wild) bunny,
but I can't imagine it could taste any good.

On the other hand,
I know exactly who is responsible for eating our strawberries
and leaving the remnants on the chair in the garden.
As if to rub it in our faces,
they leave traces of their tasty treat for me to find.
This sweet lil' thing kept falling or being pushed out of the birdhouse on our porch.
We put it back several times and kept an eye on it.

C even put a blanket down on the porch
in case it took another dive
in order to protect its delicate young body.
I wish this had a happy ending,
but C found its lifeless body yesterday.
It was buried in the garden and sent off with a prayer.

Next week is looking more like spring again,
and we will relish the cooler temperatures,
at least until summer arrives in earnest.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend wherever you are!


  1. Photo bombing chickens :o). I noticed potato blooms wandering the garden this morning. Gotta love those squash volunteers. We rehomed two we found this week. I hope you have great melon success.

  2. Oh boy do I hope you master growing melons. That is on my "wish list" as well. The chickens are too funny - nosey, aren't they? Sorry to read about the baby bird. Always a sad thing to see. I hope all is going well!

    1. We look forward to this week's weather. We've had a wonderful spring so far. Hope you are able to get your hands dirty!


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