Friday, January 7, 2022

Garden Friday

Welcome to the first Garden Friday of the New Year!
After weeks of mild weather,
'Ole Man Winter has come back and it looks like
He's here to stay! 
Amazingly, the other day we got 3" of rain overnight!
Sure hoping that helps our deficit.
It also snowed for exactly five minutes one day this week.
Who can predict the weather anymore?

With the temperature fluctuations,
it's no wonder the asparagus is confused.
I sampled several stalks that popped up 
and they were delicious!
Looking forward to a spring harvest.

The mint behind the chicken run is waking up.
I'd love to get into the habit of picking it and drying it for tea.
This crop was already here when we bought the house five years ago.

The carrots don't seem to mind the changes in the weather.
They keep company with beets in this bed
and just keep rolling right along.
I've decided I need to grow more carrots
since I discovered how good fermented carrots taste.

Nothing affects the garlic and parsley.
I was able to harvest quite a bit of parsley,
so it was washed, chopped and added to a freezer container
for use in all kinds of dishes.
The garlic is due for picking in May. 
It will grow substantially once spring comes around.

The blueberry plants are budding,
so I'm not sure if that will affect production.
This will be our first year with these plants,
as they were installed last spring.
Hopin' for bowls o' berries!

 Our sweet next door neighbor gifted us with two varieties of azaleas.
They both get quite tall, 
so I'll have to be careful about where they are transplanted.

 It's unbelievable, but the California poppies
are still looking gorgeous all through these cold snaps.
They have really filled out since they were seeded here in the spring.

The yarrow, as well, seems so cold tolerant.
This is one of the best plants for pollinators,
and I think more will be added to the property.

I worked on a new and improved version of our suet feeders,
by adding two side pieces of scrap wood,
to keep the suet from falling out.
They are working like a charm,
except that the one hung in front of the kitchen window
was knocked down and half of it was hauled away, 
no doubt by some rascally squirrels.
Ah well, back to the drawing board!

We are still getting no eggs, 
so I think that means that these girls
are just freeloading from now on.
They are part of the family now,
so they'll be here until their time comes.
How's your winter garden coming along?


  1. Oh, those rascally squirrels! We're in the same boat with our chickens. We're feeding 14 chickens for 1-2 eggs a day. Among them are 4 roosters, though, which hubby has said for two years he was going to turn into chicken and dumplings, but I don't see it happening. I need to remember to winter sow yarrow this year. Yours look so happy. Lucky you getting asparagus!

  2. I can't bring myself to give the chooks away either, but I hope to have some chicks in the spring so that we can stop buying eggs!

    Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather.

  3. Wow - asparagus! I bet that was a tasty treat in winter. Everything looks so good. I love the revised suet feeder. If we bring too many goodies to the chickens and they don't eat everything right away we see squirrels trying to steal it. They are something. Yarrow is one of my favorite plants. It's such a beneficial herb too! I've been told we're getting chicks this spring as well although I was hoping to hold off one more year. We still have 23 chickens and I'd like to wait until the inevitable happens to a few more first but my husband wants an egg guarantee. lol Happy new year!

    1. I like how you put that-"I've been told we're getting chickens this spring". The man has a plan! ;0D

      Wishing you well in the new year.

  4. I love your garden. Thanks for sharing the photos so I can live vicariously through your success.

  5. Asparagus, that's a treat to have fresh this time of year.
    Do you get much snow there?
    I hopped over from Beehaven this morning to visit here. Love your photos!

    1. Welcome to Maple Hill!
      Isn't Bev's blog the best?! I love reading her posts every day.

      We don't get a lot of snow. Maybe every few years we'll get enough to stick for a day or so. It is such a treat, after not having been in snow for so long. Just enough to enjoy without keeping you stuck anywhere. The best of both worlds!

      Happy New Year!


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