Friday, September 17, 2021

Garden Friday

It's Garden Friday!
Welcome to our lil' Piedmont garden,
where we were blessed with a bit o' rain yesterday.
The flowers just drink in every drop!

Both of the mystery melons that grew in our melon bed
were either eaten or split before they could be enjoyed.

This sometimes happens when watering is inconsistent,
although when this photo was taken,
we hadn't had any significant rainfall,
and the drip irrigation is very consistent.
All is not lost though,
these were fed to the chooks,
who suck up the seeds like a Hoover vacuum.

I managed to save some seeds for planting next season as well.

 Speaking of seeds,
my order from Sow True Seed came in the mail,
so I will be ready to complete my fall planting.
I got a bit behind, as I was dog sitting last weekend,
and didn't have time to work in my own garden.
I hope to remedy that this weekend.
This year, I will be trying their raised bed mix
on one of the larger raised beds.
Every year, I choose a different bed,
and sow cover crops in it. 
I will also be sowing some white Dutch clover
to the drain field in our yard.
The chooks scratched up quite a bit of it over the last year,
and it needs a bit of resowing.

Each year, I snap a picture of our Mammoth sunflowers,
although this year I'm a bit late to the party.
They were well past their prime by the time we got a photo.
Fortunately, the squirrels did not climb the stalks this year,
so I will be able to harvest huge heads of seeds for next year.

A surprise greeted me when I was perusing the garden.
A few more of the Kajari melons popped up in the grass.
We'll see if we get to sample any.
So far, we haven't had much luck with melon tasting.

The sweet potatoes are surfacing, for some reason.
I've grown sweet potatoes for a few years now,
and never seen them come up out of the ground like this.
It'll be fun to see what's under there!

Strawberries in September?
Is it me, or are things a bit off this year?
I never expected to see berries forming now.
Not complaining one bit!

The loofah are getting huge!
I have sampled some of the smaller ones,
and was surprised to find out that the chooks enjoyed them as well.
The rest will be left to size up and harvest 
to use as "sponges" once they dry. 

The chooks have relished the extra bit of shade the vines provide.
The pollinators have delighted in the flowers.
Everybody wins!

This sweet basket was made by a friend's husband
so that C could use it to collect eggs.
I gathered some basil for pesto making
and it was exactly what I needed.

There are quite a few projects planned for when it gets
just a wee bit cooler.
It's coming, little by little.
I'm hoping that the drier air and cooler temperatures
will motivate me to get out there and get things crossed off of my list.
I'm not sure if I'm slowing down,
or just not willing to go out into the heat anymore.
 Do you notice the asparagus bed in the foreground here?
We've not had any significant wind events,
but the ferns are always laying over in the bed this way.
Any ideas?

The weather is starting to change,
and once again my favorite season will be here.
It's such a blessing to be able to send the heat of summer packing,
and welcome in a milder season.
Here's hoping you enjoy all the loveliness of this very day.


  1. I am so looking forward to the cooler temps as well, which should arrive here next week. That's interesting about the sweet potatoes. I haven't noticed that before either. No idea about the asparagus. I'm really far behind this year too, because of not being willing to work in the heat. I've used your lemon idea a few times, and it works well. That's a beautiful shade of mum. Have a lovely week!

    1. Yes, the heat keeps me inside more than I'd like. I don't think that's gonna get any better. ;0D

      That's actually a dahlia bloom. They are just amazing flowers.

      Enjoy the cooler temps! Rain is on the way!

  2. That egg collecting basket is adorable. Our temps have been moderate but the humidity is still in the uncomfortable zone. That should be gone tonight and, hopefully, gone for the season. My asparagus does the same thing. I've never researched whether or not I should do anything about it. My mother used to purchase little wire asparagus supports (who knew that was a thing???) and prop all of hers up but I just let them lean and lay like a crazy asparagus forest. That's great about the strawberries! I guess if you can't enjoy melons you may as well enjoy a few more berries!! Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Yes, it seems that no matter the temperature, the humidity is still near 90-100%.

      Good to know about the asparagus. I guess I won't concern myself with it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Daisy
    We had ONE monstrous sunflower this year--I think rodents ate all the rest of the seeds. Anyway, the head must be 18 inches in diameter. I think that will give me plentiful seeds.
    Love the little arbor the loofahs are growing on. I've been wanting to find an old unwanted frame somewhere, but no luck so far.
    Sorry you've been no having luck with the melons. My vines are loaded, but up here I don't think we will have the time to get them ripened. We've had a dozen , so I can't complain, but there must be 3 times that still on there--just very very small.
    Have a great week

    1. Hey Sue! So good to see you here. I hope you have enjoyed your growing season in your new spot.

      I see folks getting rid of their metal frames at yard sales and online. They don't want to bother with buying another cover for it, so they just get rid of them.

      Enjoy your week!

  4. That's too bad about your melons! Mine were all mini-melons this year! Other than that, it looks like you've had a great gardening year, with an excellent fall garden to come.

    1. Glad someone got some melons to enjoy!

      Thanks for visiting.

  5. Daisy, I'm enjoying the cooler weather as well. I'm trying to get some garden structure projects completed before the weather turns really cold. It's been a hot rainy season this year which has kept me from working on garden projects .... or has it just been plain procrastination. I'm quite good at that you know. Anyway it just needs to get done. So the scramble will be to complete them during the next month. The fall end of garden is always a busy time.

    Have a great day in the garden.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    1. Hey Dave. I know how that is. For myself, I think it may be just me slowing down. It's inevitable, I guess. Hope you get things crossed off of your list.

      Always good to see you here.


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