Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Going Local-Burton Family Farms

Saturday was absolutely dreary,
but the bright spot in my day
was when sister came for a visit.
I gave her a tour of the homestead to get her up to speed
on all of the recent changes.
Then we headed into town to do a bit of browsing.
I'm not much of a shopper,
but anytime I get to spend with her is precious.
We paid a visit to Burton Farms General Store,
which is a family-owned business that carries lots of things to love.
If you'd like to learn more, here's their website.

There are quite a variety of foods to choose from,
everything from apples to zucchini and more.
The shelves are lined with locally made jams, preserves, and pickled items
as well as bulk beans, local honey and gifts galore.

Whenever possible, Burton's supports local farmers.
The strawberries were one of the most popular items when we were there.

There is someone giving out free samples,
which is always a hit with shoppers.

Along with all the delicious goodies of which to partake,
there might be something your garden is missing.
Potted plants, flats of seedlings and yard art
are some of the items featured at the shop.

Even on the dreariest of days,
it is a fun place to amble through.
Give yourself plenty of time to peruse the offerings
and you may find your spirits just a bit cheerier.

 Although we haven't been venturing far over the last year,
it felt good to be able to get out there and enjoy some bff time.
We still have a ways to go, 
but we are getting closer to having more getaways.
Any time spent with sister is time well spent.


  1. How nice to get to spend time with your sister. That looks like a fun place to shop.

    1. She is the best. It's like a daily farmers' market.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful day. And who wouldn't with a place like that to visit???

    1. That's the truth. I love anything that keeps me outside!


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