Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Fotos

Carolina blue sky

Hey there!
It's Friday Fotos
and we're here to share a little piece of our world.
I'm asking anyone who is so inclined
to continue to pray or light a candle for peace for our country.
Let's keep seeing the light!

Yes, folks, we had snow!
Last Friday it snowed nearly all day long,
and although it didn't accumulate into a silvery blanket,
we got enough to make this gal very happy!
It's still early in the year,
so maybe we will be blessed with another frigid blast!

No need to worry about the wildlife around here.
There are always rations-a-plenty for wayward souls.
The seed and suet feeders have needed refilling
on almost a daily basis.
We're content to provide for those who
give us so much entertainment and delight.

The chooks are faring well through the chillier nights.
Although my heart goes out to two of our hens,
for they have decided that this is the perfect time to molt.
I'm hoping that their feathers quickly return to keep them toasty.
Until then, they have ample sunshine
and the warm bodies of their companions at night to stave off the cold.
A friend pulled up her Brussels Sprouts the other day
and the chooks enjoyed the sweet leaves for some time!
We are getting zero eggs now.
In fact, I had to buy eggs from a neighbor
lest we be without for the foreseeable future.

For the life of me,
I can't recall where I got this recipe,
but the chooks enjoyed it.
It can be altered to fit what you have on hand,
and I'll bet it will be scarfed up in no time!
Well, actually, it takes them some time to finish it,
as there are many layers of goodies.
Sometimes chickens are known to pick out
just the things they like in their feed.
They didn't seem to mind any of these ingredients!

A sticky treat

And, speaking of treats...
This has become my favorite weekend breakfast.
I'm not sure where I was when avocado toast became all the rage,
but I'm usually late to the party.
Anyway, I absolutely adore this mouthful of bliss.
Avocado spread on oatmeal (or millet) bread
(which has been sprinkled with olive oil),
and then topped with a fried egg seasoned simply with salt.
Oh.  My.  Stars.
So flippin' good.

What's your favorite weekend breakfast pleasure?


  1. I love seeing the snow and the blue sky. The chook treats are new to me. I bet they make the girls happy. Oh man, I love the same for breakfast, only adding a few lettuce leaves in below the egg. So good!!

    1. Oh yeah, that would be good. Or kale. Slurp!

  2. That blue sky is beautiful. And the squirrel!!! Too cute. I am a fan of avocado toast as well and I was also late to the party, only discovering the deliciousness a year ago. :) I'm happy to see you received some snow and hoping that you'll get a little more at some point this winter. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I guess we are both late bloomers. ;0D

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for the chicken treats recipe! My girls love oatmeal and I love the idea of using the oats in a "ball treat" of sorts. :-)

    My sister used to live in NC and would talk about the "Carolina blue sky." What a pretty photo!

    Weekend breakfast... hmm. We do a lot of mix-ups. My husband is an excellent cook and sometimes he'll get fancy with eggs, from creamy mushroom omelets, to eggs en cocette, to something he called eggs Jeanette - think deviled eggs sautéed with spices. REALLY good.

    We woke up to about three inches of snow. It's actually been a light winter snow-wise. My husband said he read we are in a snow drought. Interesting... Glad you were able to enjoy some snow. Stay warm! :-)

    1. You're more than welcome. Hope your girls enjoy them.

      Oooh, hope we get some more snow and you make up your deficit!

      Thank you for coming by!


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