Friday, December 18, 2020

Garden Friday


Our homestead

Welcome to Garden Friday!
The blog has been fairly quiet
because there just isn't that much to share!
We really don't go anywhere these days,
and even most of the garden chores have slowed down.
It's been a fabulous fall
with just enough work to keep me hummin'.

The row covers are still working their magic.
We've had consistent temperatures in the 30's and 40's
for a good while and everything tucked underneath
has been just fine.
Things aren't growing a whole lot,
but that's expected when temperatures get this low
and the sunshine is somewhat scarce.
The carrots and leek are enjoying their protection,
but would most likely be okay left to their own devices.
I sowed some lettuce, leek and spinach last week,
not knowing if it will be warm enough to germinate.
What a wonderful surprise it will be
if it actually pops up!

The garden is still crankin' out the lettuce!
A couple of times a week I'll go pick a big handful
and it makes me smile to see that it barely needs rinsing because it's so clean.
The under layer of shredded leaves keeps the soil off of it.
My favorite variety is still green oakleaf,
but having ordered next season's seeds,
that may change come spring.
The Walla-Walla onions have made some progress.
This bed is uncovered and doing just fine.
I keep picturing those bulbous onions being pulled up
and ready for a turn in the iron skillet.

I ended up pulling all the snap peas out
and giving them to the chooks.
I never did get a pod from them,
but sampled the shoots on several occasions.
I will give them another go in the early spring
to see if I can grow some peas to snack on.

Some time is spent each week shredding leaves
and chipping up small twigs and branches.
Some of the leaves have been raked up
to surround the trees on the property.
The idea is to provide warmth and nutrients to the soil underneath.
I'd like to add more bulbs around these areas
and taking care of the soil can only improve their chances.

It feels like winter has come a little early this year,
but you won't hear me complain one bit.
After living for years in Florida where winter showed up
for only a few days and then it was right back to heat and humidity,
these cool (even cold) days just feel right.
Still hoping for snow before spring comes,
as I have not lost the love for its magical spell.

Praying that you and yours are safe-n-sound.


  1. Isn't it a hopeful thing to pick fresh lettuce during these darkest days of the year?! I wondered if you got any snow. Just rain here too. Beautiful sky and homestead. Bet those were some happy chickens!

    1. Yes, it makes me feel rich. ;0D

      Maybe we still have snow in our future.
      Bee well.

  2. Your garden is beautiful and productive, as always. Have a good holiday.

  3. That first photo with that amazing blue sky!!! Your homestead is beautiful and I LOVE to see anything green at this time of the year. Lettuce right from the garden in winter is sooooo delicious. :) Happy to see the chickens are doing well. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family!!

    1. Thank you for the kind words.

      I wish you and your crew a wonderful holiday season.


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