Friday, November 13, 2020

Garden Friday

Welcome to Sludgeville,
 I mean, Garden Friday!
With over 4 inches of rain in 36 hours,
our homestead is one saturated, sopping scene.


Just look at the waterfront property we've acquired
during this deluge.
This is the culvert that runs along our parcel,
although it looks like a bewitching brook dribbling down the hill.

The garden has been reaping the benefits
by getting much needed moisture.
Although we employ a drip irrigation system,
plants respond to rainfall like nothing else.
Our carrots, lettuce and other goodies are growing
by leaps and bounds.

There are greens galore,
including beets, broccoli, chard and tat soi.
I've been sampling each time I check on the garden.

The spinach is the greenest I've ever grown
and the kale is sweet and tender.
It must have to do with the dose of turkey poop given,
the cooler temperatures,
and the magic minerals that rainfall provides.

 Unfortunately, I've noticed that someone else
has been nipping at the leaves.
I think the chooks are helping themselves to some tasty tidbits.
It was thrilling to notice the first blooms on the snap peas.
That means that these will soon be gracing my plate.
Who am I kidding?
These never even make it into the house!
I was happy to see the garlic coming along.
This will stay in place until late spring,
when the bulbs have finished maturing.
Garlic is one of the easiest crops to grow,
and something we use almost daily.

 My lunchtime salad yesterday consisted
of fresh-picked greens.
We have colder weather coming early next week,
so the row covers will go back on where lettuce is sown.
Now that I am reaping the harvest,
I hope to be able to enjoy this bounty for months to come.

How's your fall garden doing?


  1. I'm picking lettuce, collards, kale and chard. The carrots, beets and garlic are coming along, but still small. Amazingly, I'm still harvesting figs, tromboncino squash and a few cherry tomatoes, but it looks like only a few more days before the cold will do them in. We also had over 4" of rain. The pups and I had a muddy walk this morning.

    1. How fantastic that you are still harvesting summer veg like tomatoes!
      Glad you got a good dose of rain. No doubt that will get your veggies growing strong!

  2. Wow! You've had quite the rain!! Happy to see that everything is still doing well. Our night temps dipped into the 20's last month so I picked everything except for the greens. The greens are doing very well though, so I'm grateful for that. I'm not surprised that those little chickens found your luscious greens. I'm actually surprised you had any left! :)

    1. Yes, that's much colder than here. Glad you are still able to grow something.

      Measures will be taken to thwart their munching!

  3. I planted a bunch of chard and kale in the yard at the end of summer and I've noticed a bunch of little birds eating them. I decided I could live with it because they surely need it more than I. Hopefully some will survive the winter and we'll be able to enjoy fresh greens next spring.


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