Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Garden Buzzzzz!


 One of the intentions of our homestead
is to provide a safe haven for bees and other pollinators.
Along with supplying a water source and a place for raising young,
we aid these vital visitors by offering up an array of nectar sources.
Nectar furnishes pollinators with energy, 
so that they can continue with their valuable work.
Here are 8 easy-to-care for perennial plants that will support pollinators in your yard.

Black-eyed Susan- 
This common perennial can be planted in fall 
or early spring and is easily divided.
A show stopping display of blooms
will surely attract all sorts of pollinators to your yard.
The flowers grow on long stems,
which make them ideal for use as cutting flowers.
It prefers full sun and room to stretch out.

butterfly bush-
As the name implies,
this beauty is a favorite for many species of butterflies.
It can get quite large, unless pruned regularly,
and it will fill a space with plentiful blossoms.
It comes back brilliantly each spring after a good pruning.

Shasta daisies

Daisies are a bit of cheer in the garden,
not only for the gardener, but for the pollinators as well.
They are a favorite of all types of butterflies
and the flat petals make a great landing spot while out foraging.
Daisies return each spring and last up until autumn.
They are one of the best flowers to grow
for cutting and bringing indoors.  

I don't know anyone who doesn't adore coneflowers.
They are a summer staple, popping back up
around the beginning of spring.
With numerous blooms on each plant,
there is ample opportunity for critters to feast.
These come in a wide variety of colors
and are very easy to grow.

Joe Pye weed-
This is one of the best pollinator attractors.
Bees and several types of butterflies enjoy
visiting its blooms.
It can grow to be up to 8 feet tall,
but the one we have in our flower bed
is a dwarf variety, which never exceeds 3 feet high.
The purple flowers show up in late summer,
but last for a few months to enjoy. 

The only host plant for the Monarch butterfly,
this essential plant is a must for every garden.
Each year, we save seeds from the plants we have growing.
We are always looking for full sun areas where
we can plant more so that we can help support 
these fascinating creatures.

salvia (also known as sage)-
This vibrant perennial is one of the most loved plants
by all types of pollinators.
The blooms are prolific, and are constantly covered in bees.
This drought tolerant plant requires very little attention
as long as it gets full sun and room to grow.

With a variety of colors to choose from,
there is sure to be a yarrow you can't live without.
The butterflies and bees swarm this beauty constantly.
Given a spot in full sun,
it will continue to bloom all through the summer.

So, there you have it.
These garden staples are easy to find at nurseries
or quick to grow from seed.
They all require full sun, but very little else.
They are drought tolerant once established
and provide so many critters with food, shelter and protection.
I hope you'll consider adding them to your homestead.


  1. That's a great list, and happy to say I have almost all of them. No salvia here these days, but that's a great reminder to get some. I do love your garden art coneflower.

  2. I can send you seeds, if you'd like some of the purple salvia. These plants have given so much to my garden. What a blessing.

  3. So beautiful! I have all of these in my front yard but I need to begin adding them in the back near the garden.

    1. They give me so much joy whenever I pull into the driveway. Enjoy!


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