Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Antique Tractor Show

This gorgeous spring weather got us outside for a field trip.
We visited The North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer
for the annual Tractors & Trains Festival.

This has always been one of our favorite destinations on vacations.
Now that we live so close by, we decided to purchase a family membership.
There are many events scheduled throughout the year,
so we know we'll be back again and again.

This place has so much to see,
especially for history buffs. 

The Roundhouse is filled with vintage trains that are serviced by 
an array of dedicated volunteers. 
We've wandered through this area many times.
You can read about one of our visits here.

 Today, the tractors took Center Stage.
Just look at this 
combine harvester!

 No matter what type of tractor you favor,
there was something here for every tractor lover.

Also on display were many of the vintage and antique autos 
housed in the workshop that is not usually open to the public.

The model railroaders were on site,
with a massive display.
I can't imagine the hours and patience it took to get them set up.
Everything is so realistic, down to the last detail.

We ambled through part of the museum on our way to the rest of the tractor exhibit.
There is so much to learn about our nation's early modes of transportation. 
What a fantastic homeschooling field trip!

 This sweet little mailtruck always catches my eye.
The mail used to be delivered using this buggy and a whole lotta horsepower!

We took a 20-minute train ride in a restored car.
One of the perks of obtaining membership at the museum
is that all train rides are free!
There's nothing quite like the relaxed jostling of the train 

 Several hands-on demonstrations were presented,
including this apple press,

 as well as this hand-cranked corn sheller.
Folks sure had to work hard back in the day!

Artisans Joe Allen (top), Sonny Howell (middle) and Tad W. Kepley (bottom) displayed their wares
We were able to enjoy several craftsman exhibiting their creations.
Hand-forged steel, iron sculptures and hand-carved spoons
were just a few of the items available for purchase.

 There was even a Master Gardener display.
Of course, I had to chat with these nice ladies for a while.
Their main focus at this event was to educate folks
about the importance of supporting bats.
Did you know that bats are pollinators?

What a fabulous place to spend some family time.

It seems that every time we visit,
there is something we learn anew.
It is indeed "The Museum That Moves You"!

so you can check it out before you pay them a visit.

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