Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Going Local-Davidson Farmers' Market

On Saturday,
we visited one of our favorite little towns,
Davidson, North Carolina.

Davidson is a college town that has a good vibe.
More like a quaint village than a city,
it boasts numerous community activities,
including a vibrant farmers' market.

By the time we got there,
the market was bustling with activity.
Over 30 vendors were selling local produce,
seafood, homemade soaps and lotions
as well as food trucks specializing in custom cuisine.

All items for purchase here
must come from the surrounding area.

The amount of produce was impressive.
We noticed more than a few patrons
milling about sampling their recent purchases of fresh fruit.

It did my heart good to see that most of the produce was organic.
Even the animal products were grass-fed or organically raised.
Many vendors use this market as a pick-up point
for CSA orders.
The sign at this booth was catchy,
"Don't panic, it's organic."

Aside from the fresh fruit, fish, veg and meat available,
flower arrangements could be had.
There was a line at this booth,
and it's not hard to see why.
The gorgeous spring colors just begged to be taken home.

The nice folks at Bruks Bars allowed us to sample
their delicious, allergy-friendly treats.
The company is Charlotte-based and expanding rapidly.

Each vendor had something unique to offer,
like this kombucha tea from UpDog.

For those dining al fresco,
this food truck offered a wonderful variety of specialty sandwiches to go.

These ice pops hit the spot with the sun looming overhead.
They are handmade, all natural and were fantastically refreshing!

It was fabulous to get back to Davidson
and experience the quintessential market.
They are doing it right
by creating a user-friendly event
hosted by responsible, local providers.

What's your local farmers' market like?

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