Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Maple Hill Hop 154

Maple Hill Hop

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On Saturday,
there was a Master Gardener's Sale 
on native and Florida-friendly plants.
This event occurs twice a year
and much of our garden is composed
of plants from this venue. 

It was a beautiful morning
with abundant sunshine and smiling treasure-seekers.

This display of tiger lily caught my eye.
It's a fall bloomer, so it happily soaked up the sunshine
and strutted its stuff.

The range of colors, textures and shapes was astounding.
Whether one was looking for succulents, flowers or butterfly attractors,
the choices were plentiful.

red penta


There were quite a few specimens that were new to me.
The flowers of this beauty were enchanting.

And would you look at the color on this gorgeous blossom?
Simply striking!

For only a few dollars per pot,
there were bargains to be had.
It would be easy to spice up your garden
for very little money.

Wagons at the ready to be loaded up 
and delivered to waiting vehicles.

The tiger lilies proved to be too tempting,
so I brought home two.
One will be given to a friend and the other is for my garden.
I also bought a lemon balm (for the bees)
and found a butterfly vine that was given to Faye & Lynn.

The tiger lily has a seed pod that's just loaded!
I see more of these in our future!

That's what we've been up to her in Central Florida.
What's going on outside where you live?
HOP to it!



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