Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thrifty Thursday-Wrapper Recycle

Happy Birthday Big K!
We are SO glad you were born!


Living simply means that we try to get the most out of what we have,
and try to find other purposes for common items.
This helps foster respect for the blessings in our lives,
and saves us time and money to boot.
Here's an idea that was too good not to share.

We purchase our recycled paper towels at the grocery store.
We've gotten better about using them less,
and one day I would love to go paperless in the kitchen! 
One step at a time...

In order to get more out of the packaging,
we cut off the top...

and use it to line our bathroom garbage can.
We do the same thing with our toilet paper wrappers.
No need to buy plastic liners,
and the item serves double duty.
Less money to spend,
less to keep track of,
and less waste in the landfill.

The extras are kept in a repurposed tissue box under the bathroom sink.
It makes it easy to pull out a new one
when it needs replacing.
So grateful for others who embrace simplicity,
and keep the great ideas coming!

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