Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thrifty Thursday-Eight Earth Day Ideas

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year.
Earth Day.
The day we set aside to honor our dear Mother Earth.
We strive to show respect for our Earthly home on a daily basis.
Over the years, we have made progress on many fronts,
but we still have goals on the horizon.

Here are a few ways we endeavor to do our part:

1.  Use the clothesline for drying laundry-
One of my favorite chores each week involves enjoying the feel of the sun on my back,
hearing the birds singing and knowing that solar power is taking care of drying our clothes.
Not only does it help us save on our electric bill,
it gets me outside first thing so that I can connect with the world around me. 

2.  Water reclamation-
We have three rain barrels in our backyard that collect water
for use in our garden.
A recent addition to our water conservation efforts is to
save the water used from cooking in a coffeepot that is kept on the stovetop.
Whenever veggies are steamed or beans are cooked,
the cooled water gets added to this pot.
Once a week it is used to water patio plants.

3.  Homemade cleaners-
We started making our own cleaning products years ago.
With a child with multiple sensitivities,
it just made sense to create a healthier environment
by ridding our home of toxic solutions.
Aside from the health aspect,
it saves us money and we feel good knowing that we are not
contributing to hazardous mixtures heading for the water source.

4.  Composting any way we can-
Since our HOA frowns on open composting,
we work around it.
We keep our compost scraps in the freezer
in a recycled coffee bin and add the contents
directly to the garden. 

5.  Using what we have to create something useful-
This birdfeeder was created with what was on hand.
A plant stand, some hose and an old cake pan
work well and we didn't have to spend a dime.
Less consumerism means less goes into the landfill.
We enjoy creating functional items 
and not having to buy anything to do it.

6.  Thinking twice before tossing things-
Along with creating new things,
we find new uses for broken items.
These shard feeders are used daily
to feed the birds in our yard
and they work perfectly for that purpose.
Once again, we've saved something
 from being added to the trash pile.

7.  Using everyday items to embellish-
These seed pots, made from toilet paper rolls,
will not only support new life,
but they will be added to the soil
once their job is complete.
Adding a beautiful new plant to the landscape
and nutrients to the earth is a win-win.

8.  Finding your niche-
Creating my handmade daisy totes helps me to
feel a sense of responsibility about how I am leaving this earth.
I have a choice to be part of the problem,
or part of the solution.
In this small way, I feel that I am fostering Mother Earth
by realizing that we must all do something.

I hope you are inspired to start something new
to support the planet. 
If not now, when?

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. Milton Berle
Read more at:
If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. Milton Berle
Read more at:
"If opportunity doesn't knock,
build a door."
-Milton Berle

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