Friday, March 25, 2016

Things are Springin' Up All Over!

The weather doesn't seem to be too sure of the season.
Over the last week,
we've had temperatures from the mid 80's to the mid 40's,
and everything in between.
As I write this, we're getting an unexpected (but very welcome) thunderstorm,
complete with steady rain.
So much for getting some gardening done tonight.
There are some sure-fire signs of spring though.

Over at Faye & Lynn's last weekend, 
the most perfect hibiscus bloom was spotted.

 As you can see on the new spring header,
their azalea bush is bursting with intoxicating color!

One of the topics for discussion while I was there,
was this odd-looking Queen palm tree.
The steep angle at which it now grows 
is thanks to Hurricane Charley.
In 2004, this area was hit hard by 3 hurricanes 
in a matter of months. 
It was just before we moved to the area.
We came anyway.  ;0D

The portion that looks a bit straighter,
is the section of new growth since the storms.

 It's one massive tree.
So grateful that this one didn't topple,
as did so many others.
Faye & Lynn lost over 200 trees on their 10 acres.

 Back at our place,
one sure sign of spring has made itself known.
Our native milkweeds are coming back all over the garden.

And soon we'll be overrun by monarch caterpillars devouring them all.
That's the price we must pay for enjoying the beautiful butterflies in our yard.
and are happy to host these and several other types of caterpillars all spring and summer.
It's spring and the cats are here!
Enjoy your weekend, y'all!

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