Friday, October 23, 2015

Eight Ways to Earn Money Without Leaving Your Neighborhood

Being a full-time household manager and homeschooling mom,
there is plenty to keep me busy.
We have been able to live on one income since we've been here,
and I have also worked outside the home in the evenings as a tutor.
It hasn't always been easy,
but it's what we've chosen as a family.
It just got me to thinking how blessed I am to be able to do what I love,
even though it's a volunteer position.
Big K and I have managed to find a couple of other ways to supplement our income,
and we haven't had to leave our neighborhood to do it.

We've sold items on Craig's List or Ebay for several years now.
It's as easy as logging onto your account,
listing the item, uploading pictures and waiting for the feedback.
Now I'm selling my daisy totes on CL. 

Big K is also great at finding bargains
and then reselling them for more money, 
or bartering the items for things he wants.
He's a master because he does his research
and understands what things usually sell for.
Since he's super handy, he's also fixed things 
for neighbors who don't have that particular talent.
He doesn't charge them, 
but they always give him something for his trouble.

Here are some other ideas to generate income 
without even leaving  your neck of the woods.

1.  Offer to provide childcare for neighbors.
It's not easy finding someone who is reliable and trustworthy.
Most parents would be thrilled to have their kids stay right in their neighborhood.

2.  Provide a pick-up service for kids after school.
For families with a single parent or two working parents,
having someone dependable to shuttle the kids home or to activities can be a real life-saver.
You can also factor in the cost of gas when determining fees.

3.  Pet sitting can give owners peace of mind while they are at work or out of town.
Whether serving as a companion,
or furnishing feeding, walking and exercise duties,
folks are willing to pay animal lovers for tender loving care while they are away.

4.  House sitting for vacationing neighbors is an easy way to earn some income
for very little effort.  Residents want to ensure that their home is safe and secure
while they are gone.  Bringing in the paper, mail or packages, and watering houseplants
are some of the duties that may be asked of you.
Knowing that someone is checking on things daily allows vacationers to enjoy their trip.

5.  Cutting grass, snow removal and leaf raking are activities that some homeowners
would rather not tackle themselves.  This is the type of service that can be very helpful,
especially to older residents or folks who have a busy workweek.
Once word of mouth gets out in the neighborhood,
you may have more business than you can handle!

6.  Installing a garden or landscaping would be the perfect job for someone
with that covetable green thumb.
Some homeowners may not have the time or inclination to get started on such a project,
but can maintain it once it is set up.
If you are good at growing things, or landscape design,
this would be a way to really dress up the neighborhood!

7.  Many full-time employees become burned out because on top of their working hours,
they have to shop, drop books off at the library, pick up dry cleaning,
or other energy-zapping errands.
Think of the time they would have for more pleasurable ventures
if they had someone to do this running around for them.
The best part is that you can get your own errands done at the same time.

8.  My mom (Mimi) used to take in sewing and ironing
for folks who didn't have the time or talent to do these things for themselves.
She always had plenty of clients because they were unable to accomplish these tasks
with everything else they had on their plates.

 These are just a few ideas that can get you started.
The part I like best is that it doesn't detract from my day job and my family doesn't sacrifice a thing.
Your schedule is your own much of the time,
and it feels good to provide a service that people really need.
Depending on your specific circumstances,
any number of opportunities are just waiting for you.
Think of the possibilities!

(All homes featured here are located in nearby Lake Wales, FL.)

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