Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Maple Hill Hop 14

Maple Hill Hop
Welcome back to 
The Maple Hill Hop,
where we share what's happening outside our door.

In the past week, we've had temperatures dipping down into the 30's.
With a coating of frost,
the garden has suffered just a bit.
A few years ago, I decided to plant a Florida-friendly garden
so that plants can thrive regardless of the changes in weather.
It's nice to know that I needn't be overly concerned with the whims of Mother Nature.

It rarely gets cold enough here to cause frost on the grass and rooftops.

 Once the threat of frost is gone,
this blue daze will be cut back and will be rejuvenated.

The tips of the avocado tree have been a bit frost bitten,
but the rest of the tree seems to be unscarred.

The eggplant also suffered from the frigid temperatures,

 and yet, it's still putting out blossoms.

The ferns in the back bed don't like the cold one bit!

 On the other hand,
the carrots are unaffected and are thriving.
They should be extra sweet when we harvest them in a few more weeks.

The snap peas will be even better since kissing the frost.

The African Iris out front just keeps right on blooming.

I'm convinced that you just can't kill rosemary.
It's one hearty herb.

With more cold on the way later this week,

I'm glad this lil' guy is still bundled up in his chrysallis.
Seems like the best place to be!

What's going on outside where you live?
Hop on!


  1. Your rosemary bush is awesome! I love rosemary but it dies back during the cold winters here. I'd love to have a big rosemary hedge!

    1. It reminds me of my mom because she used it so often in her cooking. A hedge is a great idea! You future goats might make short work of it, though. ;0)

  2. Daisy, Ah, Florida living is the life. Nebraska in the winter is not so green or warm. Two days ago the night time low was a -5 degrees. Single digits almost every night keep the ground and local water shed ponds frozen. Any thing remotely close to green plants and working outside will not begin for another six weeks. Actually, I kind of like the rest period which gives me time to work on inside projects and get ready for spring planting. Hopefully, this year will allow Spring planting before the end of May. Last year it was continuously cold and wet almost until June. Everything from the garden was harvested at least three weeks later than normal.

    Have a great Florida day in the garden.

    1. Wow, that's a long time to wait for planting. But, while you are harvesting your summer veggies, we are hibernating inside!

  3. oh those carrots are going to be sooooooo delicious! :) Everything looks amazing - frost and all.

  4. Your garden looks great, even with the frost. I think we've lost some of our pineapples, I'm kind of sad about that. But now I know where to plant them so they'll be the most protected. We're bundling up and putting soup on, Friday's high is supposed to be 39!

    1. The beauty of the pineapples is that they are so easy to start. Soup sounds good!


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