Friday, December 16, 2011

Recycled Snowman

There are a few of these square-type snowmen
in the neighborhood.
Some are made of wire, some of glass block.
They have always been something I hope to find
on clearance at the end of the season.

That hasn't happened yet,
so we decided to make our own
with what we had around the house.


This small styrofoam cooler was destined
for the donation bin.
We only had one, so we had to improvise
with plain white gift boxes for the rest of our figure.
Other supplies include tape, scissors, markers,
construction paper, straws, and colored tissue paper.

We had some bubblewrap lying around waiting
to pack up items that have been sold.

The gift boxes for the torso and head were stuffed
with the bubblewrap
to add dimension to the figure.

We added some construction paper pieces
to form a friendly face.

For the carrot nose,
just roll a piece of orange paper into a (sort of) cone shape.
(Or you could use a REAL carrot!)

A hat, buttons and a tissue-paper scarf complete the look.
He looks too toasty inside,
don't want him to melt!

Straws were added for support behind the hat,
but we ended up using a plastic cup
for extra strength during this windy day.

A heavy white blanket adds a "snowy" touch,
while anchoring the bottom.

This snowman greets visitors with a sunny smile.
Happy Holidays, y'all!


  1. What a clever version you've created. I love it!
    I bought one of the "ice-cube" snowmen a few years back--I was lucky enough to have caught it on a clearance. Hubby hates it--says he's too square. Men!

  2. Sue-Thanks! Love those ice-cube ones!


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