Friday, October 30, 2020

Garden Friday



It's Garden Friday and we are holdin' on to our hats!
The remnants of Hurricane Zeta came through yesterday
with a vengeance.
Fortunately, we were spared any real damage
and ended up with an inch and a quarter of beautiful rain.

A few plants got blown down with the fierce winds, 
but we're hoping they will recover in time.
We are grateful that most of the storm missed our area,
 and humbled by knowing that others were not so fortunate.

Before the storm hit,
we were able to check on our fall crops.
The broccoli is getting some serious size to it.
Cabbage, chard, spinach and tat soi
are all doing well and should supply us with ample greens.
So far, we haven't noticed any pest issues.

All of the raised beds were given a dose
of turkey poop this week.
The beets are growing well,
but with next week's temperatures plummeting,
I'm not sure if we'll get an actual harvest.
We'll see how well the row covers help these lil' guys.

The parsley was visited by the sweet gum seed pods.
I'm glad the row covers had not yet been placed,
because the wind was mighty strong
and could have damaged them irreparably.
The parsley we have planted is for use in cooking,
but also for the butterflies to enjoy in the warmer months.
I have had parsley overwinter in the past,
so we'll see what happens with these seedlings.

With most of the larger projects completed,
I'm working on a few smaller tasks,
like creating a wooden pathway to the garden using pallet wood.
A trip to the landfill in Crouse is in order,
so that I can pick up a load of free mulch
with which to use for the walkways in the garden.
It'll make it look so much tidier.

I discovered how much the chooks enjoy the taste of pea shoots.
Had I known, I would've planted a lot more.
They won't be getting too many more,
as I haven't yet harvested the first pea.
If I do an early spring planting,
I'll plan on sowing some just for them.
Here's hoping for calmer weather this weekend!


  1. So happy to read that while you had fierce winds you and your family fared well. My gosh I can't believe how much the south is getting hit this year. I pray the hurricane season ends early. Your fall/winter planting looks great! We received our first snow this morning and have a couple days ahead of temps dipping below frost so most of my gardening will come to an end. I'll be harvesting the last of the cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower today. That's wonderful to have a source for free mulch! Our town only puts it out in the spring so we work around that. Have a lovely weekend my friend!

    1. Congratulations on your success in the garden this year. Snow already? I guess anything is possible with the weather these days.

      Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I'm glad you fared well with Zeta. We had half of a large maple come down on my husband's shop, but it only hurt some roofing and a support beam. They were working inside, so stayed safe. Your garden is looking great.

    1. Oh no! Grateful they were inside.

      Hope you have a great weekend!


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