Friday, April 10, 2020

Garden Friday

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet Faye!

Welcome to Garden Friday!
We are continuing to hunker down for the most part,
and enjoying our garden time every chance we get.
Our neighborhood is displaying these red ribbons
outside of our homes as a symbol of unity
through this difficult time.
Our neighbor across the street actually made them
and distributed them at no cost.
We are grateful for good neighbors.

 Last week we transplanted our strawberries
into this big wash tub.
Covering with straw should help to keep them moist,
as they are big drinkers.
The tub is placed on thick cardboard,
so that any runners can sprawl outwards.

The asparagus is amazing me!
Regardless of the poor clay soil,
it is popping out like nobody's business!
As this is the first year it was planted,
it will remain unpicked and left to go to seed.
Next year we should be able to harvest a bit.

The onions planted in one of the new 3X8 beds started emerging this week.
The welded wire will be removed once the Yukon Gold potatoes come up. 
Snap peas were planted heavily 
all along the arches we put up last year.
A few coffee cans were seeded with
lettuce, kale, spinach and chard.

 I'm trying to get a jump start on the sunflowers,
so I planted a few in the pollinator bed,
as well as around the garden.
One of the goals is to feed the birds,
but I'm hoping there is enough seed left after summer's end
to feed me some sunflower sprouts!

 The welded wire covers seem to be deterring any digging,
which is their intended purpose.
Once planting begins in earnest, it should come in handy.
We are still awaiting the correct parts for our drip system.
It's been a lesson in patience, but we hope to wrap it up soon.

 The oregano that was on the property when we bought it,
comes back each year with no prompting from me.
What a delightful gift to us.
I'd like to make more of an effort to dry it,
so that I can stop buying it at the grocery store.

 A few new birdhouses were added to the garden area this week.
I'm thinking, more birds, less bugs in the garden.
We'll see!
A friend also recommended getting a bat house
to help with mosquito control.
I can do that!

 I've always thought that alyssum was an annual,
but it's been coming back on its own.
It's one of my favorite delicate blooms to use as a border,
and I really should use it more in the veggie garden area.
Smells divine too!

The irises are wowing us with drama!
This is the first time since they were transplanted
that they've bloomed.
Worth the wait, wouldn't you agree?

I know I'm a Yankee,
but I love me some dogwood trees!
They compliment the tulips we have coming up
on the west side of our driveway.
Sometimes when I'm walking the property,
I see so many areas that need additions,
but time only allows for so much.
Gardening is always a work in progress.

dogwood blossoms

Here's hoping you have some garden projects
to keep you happily busy at home.
Bee well...


  1. If I'd read it, I'd forgotten you were a Yankee too! I'm so glad my parents moved to NC when I was 13. The one time I moved away, to live on the West coast for 3 years, I was homesick. It's such a wonderful place to live. I absolutely agree that gardening is a work in progress.

    1. You're practically a native! We are so happy that we finally live here.
      Glad you're our neighbor!

  2. Everything is so beautiful! Those strawberries will give you a lot of plants. Mine ended up working their way all through my garden. Not a bad problem to have.... ;)

    1. I can think of worse things to happen to somebody!
      Hope your weekend is glorious!

  3. Daisy, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your post indicates that you plant onions with potatoes? Am I reading that correctly? If so what is the spacing? Do you start your onions from seed or buy the plants? Yeah, I know. Lots of questions.

    It's been a crazy season in many ways. The weather here has been super bipolar. One day almost 80 degrees and then a couple days later lower 20s at night with freezing rain and snow. I haven't actually put any plants in the ground yet but have some that will need to be soon.

    I haven't been able to get much garden time in the last couple years so I'm really looking forward spending more time in the garden this year. For me It's been a delight to be quarantined at home with extra time to work on all those projects that I'll get to some day. Well, that day has come. I didn't think it would be quite like this but just the same here it is.

    Your garden is way ahead of the gardens here in Nebraska. I sure am liking all the flowers you have in bloom. Even so I still like Nebraska with all the weather challenges. It's where I started in life and it's where I'll end in life.

    Have a great day in the garden.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    1. Yes, I did put the Yukon Gold potatoes and some onion sets in the same bed. I've never grown onions before, so we'll see what happens. The potatoes are on 2/3 of the 3X8 bed and the onions make up the rest. The onions were planted fairly close.

      I guess the Universe had a way for you to get all of those projects caught up, huh? ;0D

      Thanks for stopping by. It's always a treat to see you here.
      Bee well...


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