Tuesday, February 25, 2020

We Have Enough

When we moved from Florida,
we were hoping to find a nice piece of property
where we could settle down for the rest of our lives.
Acreage was important, as there were dreams that needed to be fulfilled,
and nothing less than a few acres would do to make that a reality. 
Small town living was our first choice,
as none of us like the big city and its complications.

We rented a house for 6 months while we were house hunting.
What an experience that was!
The house was over 100 years old and not well cared for,
so we spent most of that winter  
and easily got tired of the noise of the busy street out front.
It seems that when we started our search,
the housing market went bonkers again
and we just couldn't find what we were looking for.
The property would be fabulous, but the house was falling apart,
or the house was in good shape, but it was on a busy road
or too close to neighbors.
Ya know what?
We ended up right where we were supposed to be.

 We landed on just over a half acre of land,
on a corner lot in a rural neighborhood.
Yes, we have neighbors, but everyone has a good bit of privacy,
and we know every one of them by name.
The best part is that we were able to pay cash for the house,
and were able to remain debt free.

 Our property has a large front yard for Big K (he likes his grass),
a huge area for the vegetable garden,
and a good bit of wooded area for the birds and other critters to enjoy.
It's a blessing having this piece of dirt to call our own.
I think of it as my half acre of freedom.
Was it what we were hoping for when we started our search?
Not really, but we choose to focus on that with which we have been blessed,
and know that there is a plan for this journey.

We share this space with birds, bees, caterpillars, butterflies,
squirrels, snakes, and even an occasional deer or two.
My goal is to make it pretty, yes,
but more important, a comfortable place for us
and all who choose to call it home.
We have worked on creating a butterfly and wildlife habitat
by fostering those critters any way we can.
In doing this, 
we stay constant in our gratitude.

 One of the biggest blessings of this homestead is the chance to follow my passion
in creating food for myself and others.
I plant the seeds, God does the rest.
What a wonderful arrangement.

It is something that never gets old, this gardening lifestyle.
Each new season presents different challenges,
as well as considerable rewards.
There is always something new to try,
and having this little piece of heaven on earth is such a gift.

Creating happiness out of disappointment is a choice.
It would be easy to think about all the things that could have been,
if only...
Instead, the opportunity is taken to see the potential in what is already there.
We can turn this place into anything we choose,
if only we are willing to dream and take steps toward that intention.
No one would accuse me of being afraid of hard work,
because it feels like part of God's plan for me.

 Becoming more self-sufficient is the goal of many,
and we are no different.
Growing some of our own organic food,
cooking from scratch and making our own cleaning products,
as well as repurposing items and buying used
are all a part of this homesteading lifestyle.
It doesn't matter whether you live in the country,
in town, or somewhere in between,
everyone can do something to be more interdependent.

 For me, the objective is not to merely exist alone,
but to become a part of a well-oiled community,
where folks can volunteer, barter and work together
for the betterment of everyone.
One of the best steps taken since moving here
was enrolling in the Master Gardener course through our local Cooperative Extension office.
Not only was I able to pursue my passion for growing,
but the friendships I've made are something I treasure.
It is comforting when I realize that we most likely will be here
for the rest of our lives,
and I'm so grateful that we have friends with which to share these years.

 The older I get, the more I love staying home.
I don't have the desire to venture very far
when I know that everything that I hold dear is right here.
There is just nothing like settling down with a great book or an old movie
on a cold or rainy day.
Surrounded by the people you love in a cozy nest is the ultimate in contentment.
What could be better?

My wish for you is that you find that space.
It's there, it just needs to be recognized.
We all have so much for which to be grateful.
Yes, things go wrong or don't meet our expectations,
but we can choose either to let it ruin our day,
or take action to improve the situation.
It begins with gratitude.
Find something to be thankful for,
and it will multiply.

We have enough.


  1. So very true. Though there are going to be detours to what we thought it would look like, life is filled with so many blessings. I love this post.

  2. Wonderful attitude. Your lot is lovely.
    We used to have a property like that, but it was an acre. My husband got a job out of the area and we had to sell it. Sometimes I miss it quite a bit. I don't really miss the 3 hours of mowing I had to do at least once a week, sometimes more during the summer. :)

    1. Thank you.
      We have divided up the parcel so that there is less mowing, more gardening, which suits me just fine!

  3. I just love every single thing about this post. I'm so happy for you that you decided to get involved with the master gardener program!! It seems to have been a perfect fit. You and I are very much alike and every word you've thoughtfully written hits home. I, too, would love to have a couple acres for my final destination but I have come to realize I certainly can be happy, content, and fit perfectly into a smaller lot. We currently have 3 neighbors, all but one at a relatively nice distance, and that actually works well. We are all there for each other if needed, but far enough apart to feel a sense of privacy on our properties. I love when you share posts such as this - thank you for such a wonderful read!

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. It is good to know there are others in this world that share our ideals.
      Hope you have abundant sunshine today!


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