Friday, February 21, 2020

Garden Friday

Welcome to Garden Friday!
It's been slim pickin's here in our garden,
so we have been enjoying finding some color elsewhere.

Our local big box store has been putting a few things out
like this sweet lil' candytuft.
It reminds me of allyssum.

 Pansies are still available as well.
I've been so happy to see the pansies on our front porch
blooming through the harshest of our winter temperatures.
They add so much cheer when things are looking bleak.

Need seeds?
Goodness, do they have 'em!
I think there might be a touch of spring fever around.
For the most part,
I order from seed catalogues,
and they've started rolling in.

One is a new-to-me "heirloom only" company
that I would like to try.

There were actually a couple of rain-free days in a row,
and I was able to do a bit of work on Kelsey's Woods
(that's what we call the wooded area of our yard).
Three big piles of twigs and branches 
were added to the chipping/mulching pile.
Now we'll need to be patient enough to wait 
for more rain-free/non-freezing days in which to do the chipping.

The seed collection was ransacked checked,
to see what I need to order for this season.
I use these vintage metal drawers I found at a thrift store
that have dividers in them to keep things tidy.

One of the best things about heirloom varieties,
is that seed can be saved from year to year,
and the crops are as close to the original as you can get.

Time was taken this week to get one tray seeded.
It felt good to be planting again,
even if it's just a little at a time.
I've decided this year to use a wall calendar
to keep track of when I plant what.
That way, I can look ahead to make sure
I have the seeds at the ready that I need for upcoming sowing.
I use an organic seed starting mix for seedling trays.

Some of the things started in this tray were
broccoli, kale, leek, and lettuce.

our neighbor
The snow has started falling as I write this
(Thursday afternoon).
So it is with winter in North Carolina.
There will be time for more sowing,
with warmer temperatures expected this weekend.
The snow is amazing,
but it sure makes it hard to garden!


  1. That's a great way to organize your seeds. The one way I tried was a dismal failure. I'd read to use photo albums to organize them, but found out that really only works well for small seeds like tomatoes and carrots. When you also have beans, corn, beets, chard, etc., the album pages all splay out, and the albums can't close. I went back to grouping like things together in Ziploc bags, and keep them in baskets. I'll have to be on the lookout for drawers like yours. We were so happy for snow!

    1. We were too, although it didn't stay long.
      Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I hope you enjoyed the snow!! I just love it when it's freshly fallen and still coating the trees and ground. Oh how I love the annual ritual of taking seed inventory and ordering. Spring is coming and we, too, will be getting seedlings ready soon!!

    1. Goodness knows, you get your fair share of snow! It's so beautiful against your red buildings and even the red truck.

      Spring's right around the corner!


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