Friday, May 3, 2019

Garden Friday

Welcome back to Garden Friday!
Things are hoppin' in the garden.
Let's see what's going on this week...

 Lettuce is still doing well
and will hopefully continue.
Our temperatures during the day have been in the 80's,
with overnights in the 60's,
so I'm hoping it continues so that I can keep on pickin'!

 This Red Planet variety has been grown strictly for baby greens.
They will soon be big enough to add to my daily salad.
This is the first year I have grown mixed lettuces,
and the diversity of colors is quite appealing.

The buttercrunch (seen here) and the green oakleaf
have been favorites up to now.
What a blessing to have such an assortment to grow.

Three red cabbages are holding their own.
This is the first year I've tried growing cabbage,
and I think I will grow more next year.
They store well and I just love adding it raw to salads
or roasting it on a sheet pan as a side.

 This green cabbage is hiding underneath a giant kale plant.
Although the kale has had cabbage worms on it,
so far, this cabbage has stayed clean.
Hope I don't jinx it!

Here's the giant Premier kale plant I was talking about.
It's been harvested for a couple of months now,
but it's finally bolting.
I left it where it is as a trap crop,
to keep the cabbage worms off other things in the raised bed. 
(Did you notice the flowers on the peas behind it?

The leeks are planted all around the perimeter on this side of the trellis.
The leek on the left have some smaller crops around them,
while the leek on the right are covered by that same kale plant.
It's easy to see that they are not getting enough sun,
as all other variables are the same.
Lesson learned for next time.

 The potatoes are growing by leaps and bounds!
I just hilled them on Tuesday with more straw,
and they need to be banked again.

Strawberries were transplanted into two straw bales.
I've never had much success with strawberries,
so I'm curious to see how they do.

The blueberries are a new crop too,
and they are doing great.
What an easy plant to grow!
I can't wait to have the first taste.
I see bowls-o-berries in my future!

 Last weekend was a planting marathon!
I got our cucumbers, eggplant, okra, peppers, bush and pole beans,
melon and watermelon all planted.
I had planned where everything would go
and tweaked it as I went along.

 To each new planting hole,
whether in the ground or containerized,
I added these three ingredients:
eggshells, coffee grounds, and worm castings.
The secret's in the sauce.

This is where the melons and runner beans will grow up the arches.
They are in pots and I plan to add flower seeds between them.
I'm so glad we added the arches and I can't wait to see them
with crops covering them to create a food tunnel!

This little corner of our property is right next to the veggie garden.
It's so peaceful to go out there and listen to all of the birds singing.
The assortment of trees we have is wonderful,
as they each attract and house different species.

Our yard is full of clover and I love that the pollinators
have an ample supply of what they need.
More clover, less lawn!

The parsley that made it through the winter with no problem
is finally getting ready to flower.
Plants are so amazing, they are all so different,
but equally beautiful, in all stages of development.

The mailbox bed is framed with iris,
which are getting closer to flowering.
A couple of weeks ago I seeded this bed
with daisies, rudbekia, echinacea, alyssum, sunflowers and zinnias.
Things are slowly popping up.
Spring is such an exciting time!

 I guess this sunflower is a late bloomer like me.
It came up before I planted the front porch bed,
so it must have been dormant all winter.
Better late than never!

Here's a cute lil' fella that seems to have taken up residence
under our outdoor garbage can.
The bonus?
Brown snakes eat slugs!
Yeah, have at it, bud!

What a fun time to be out in the garden.
Food is making its way to the table,
seedlings are showing themselves
and so many flowers are about to bloom
and grace us with untold beauty.

Every day is filled with abundance.


  1. Hi Daisy
    Popped in to see what is up at your place. Everything looks amazing. You're doing such a nice job.
    Will peruse a few of your past postings to get a better idea of what you've been up to.
    Though I finally got a place, this year is a wait and see time for me. The soil is very heavy clay and will need a
    good year of leaves, grass clippings, etc.. So, I must content myself in seeing what you've got going on.
    Best wishes for great success this gardening year.

  2. Sue! How glorious to hear from you! I know you will whip that clay into shape!
    Enjoy the journey...

  3. Wow - everything looks amazing!! Your yard is beautiful - it looks peaceful and relaxing. Good for you on the planting marathon. I have another coming up for my crops requiring warm soil. Do you do your own vermicomposting? It's something I've wanted to add. Happy Spring!!

  4. Yes, we are in planting mode. Sweet potatoes are going in later in the month.
    Yes, we have a worm bin and use the castings in the garden. Great stuff! I think you'd be happy with the results and it doesn't take that much effort. You can find a post here about making your own bin, or they can be found online. Keep me posted!


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