Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Community Garden Workday for May (2019)

This past Saturday was our monthly workday for the Community Garden.
A small crew came out to do a bit of maintenance.
We all noted how well the garden seems to be doing,
thanks to some tweaking of the irrigation by several members.

The main job for this workday was to harvest the garlic,
but it wasn't quite ready.
Once the two outer leaves turn brown and dry out,
the garden will be revisited to get the task done.
We moved on to weeding,
a job that never seems to end!

The lavender that was transplanted last month
is doing well along the perimeter bed.
It will be so lovely to see and smell the fragrant blooms!

Every bed is spoken for at this point,
and those who are leasing beds have been busy planting.

Several beds contained summer squash in various stages.

This profusion of peas is popping out of its box!

The sweet purple flowers are an added bonus.

There were plenty of tomatoes ripening on the vine.

The okra was seeded last month and has taken off!
The improvement in the irrigation has made all the difference.

Luscious lettuce of several varieties had my mouth watering.
Early spring is the ideal time to enjoy this harvest.
It's warm enough to grow, but cool enough to prevent bug problems.
At least for now.

These potato beetles were found in the eggplant bed.
Read more about how to deal with these pests.

With our work quickly done,
a friend and I decided to check out a couple of thrift stores in town.
It was a good balance of volunteer time and me time.
So glad to be part of the crew.


  1. Someone told me years ago to harvest garlic on the summer solstice, and that's pretty accurate for this area. I hope you found some thrifted treasures.

    1. Good to know! Maybe we'll try that next year.


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