Friday, November 9, 2018

Garden Friday

 It's Garden Friday!
Mid-November finds the garden pretty quiet.
We are in a state of transition as we await colder weather.

With Sunday's predicted temperatures in the 30's,
we will be covering our sugar snap peas in the hugelkultur bed
so that we might be able to get at least one harvest in.
This variety grows amazingly well back in Florida during the winter,
but it may be just too doggone cold here.
Time will tell.

 The kale in the same bed will not be covered all winter long.
Last year, I was able to grow kale through freezes, snow and ice!

 The carrots will remain uncovered as well,
although because they are grown in a container,
it would be easy enough to do.

In one of the smaller raised beds,
the shallots finally showed themselves.
They are growing along the garlic 
Can you believe the flowers we are still getting?

 Surprisingly, the lettuce that was reseeded a couple of weeks ago
in the hugelkultur bed is popping up.
We have buttercrunch, green oakleaf and red salad bowl varieties.

 There are backups in cell packs to ensure that the lettuce keeps on coming!

 The cabbage seedlings seem to be responding to the 
worm casting compost tea they've been given weekly.

The leaves are flying like crazy here the last week or so.
As far as I'm concerned, it makes a great groundcover.

 And some of the foliage around the neighborhood is striking!
Look at this beautiful crimson bush right across the street.
So amazing!

 Back in our garden, we still have plenty of blooms.
But with temperatures getting ready to take a nosedive this weekend,
we may not see them for long.

 The tithonia is one flower I never want to be without in the garden.

 It's the most vibrant shade of orange, one of my favorite colors.
Even though I planted these rather late in the season,
we've been graced with many a blossom to take us right into autumn.

The spent blooms are stunning!
Just look at the detail and intricacy in each flower head.

 Shades of blue are my absolute favorite to use in the garden.
Here is a grouping by the front porch
that adds some bold color to the front of the house.
Alyssum, lantana and salvia in various tones of indigo.

 Of course, pansies are a staple around here in winter.
They add not only color,
but a bright, cheery feeling to our front door.
The enamelware pot is one of my favorite materials.

What's going on where you are this second week of November?

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