Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Another Dream Come True!

I recently reflected on the dream job I've been doing
for almost a year.
My self-proclaimed job title is "garden fairy",
as I am not a professionally trained gardener,
and it just seems to fit better.
 Thankfully, that assignment is still in place,
and the folks for whom I am working seem pleased with my efforts.
What a blessing they have been in my life,
in so many ways.

I started an additional job last week.
This new appointment takes place at another private home,
with someone I met through a volunteer activity.
The initial goals are to tidy up the gardens for spring planting,
(thus keeping my job title firmly in place),
and to organize the tool shed,
a secondary skill I adore polishing.
Progress has already been made,
and I'm hoping that the goals I have set for myself
can be accomplished before the harshest of weather descends.

God got me these gigs, that goes without saying.
I've learned that the more I learn to trust and let go,
the better things turn out.
I just needed to get out of my own way. 
 This blog was started many years ago
with the intention of creating, sharing, and teaching.
The name "Maple Hill 101" just came to me,
as things sometimes do without effort. 
As I sat quietly while on my lunch break at this most recent job,
it occurred to me that I was surrounded by maple trees.
It was all the assurance I needed to confirm
that God has a plan for me.
I either trust Him, or I don't.

It's almost overwhelming to think about the depth of gratitude in my heart.
I could just weep when I think of how privileged I feel
to be able to do a job that is so fulfilling, so intrinsically rewarding,
and with full knowledge that it is an instrument of service to others.
I can't seem to decide which fills my heart more,
that God is using me to help others,
or that I get paid to do what I love.
I guess it doesn't really matter,
because when you figure out what you are meant to do,
everything is right with the world.

It is my most heartfelt prayer
that others are able to live their dreams, 
as I am doing now. 
I urge you to sit back and just listen.
Even if you're a late bloomer like me,
it can happen.

Be Blissed!

"My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions,
but in the fewness of my wants."
~Joseph Brotherton

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