Tuesday, December 19, 2017

We're Percolatin'!

Holiday shopping has been taking place.
This year, a concerted effort was made to buy locally.
There are several antique "shabby chic"-type stores in town.
The enamel cabinet that I bought a few weeks ago was found there.
That was such a fantastic surprise.
Little did I know when I was Christmas shopping,
that I'd find something I've wanted for quite some time.

 This corning ware percolator caught my eye.
I had purchased one similar to it a few years back
at the Florida Flywheeler's Flea Market.
The interior had been badly stained by something,
but I took the chance that I could get it clean enough to use.
That didn't happen,
so I've been using it to collect any leftover water from steaming veggies or the like,
and then reusing it to water plants.

What a pleasant surprise it was when I peered into this beauty!
It is in pristine condition
and the price was right at only $18.00!
It hopped right into my basket!

Christmas came a little early for me.
Since moving into our new (smaller) home,
I've downsized so many things,
including many of my kitchen staples.
Keeping only the items I truly love is now the goal.
Not only does this percolator fulfill a longtime desire,
it makes the best cup of coffee I've had in a good, long time.

Steps to Perfect Percolated Coffee
1.  Measure out the water for the amount of cups needed.
(There are corresponding marks printed inside of this model.)
2.  Rinse the metal basket in cool water.
(This is supposed to help keep grounds in the basket, and out of your coffee.)
3.  Fill basket with measured coffee grounds.
4.  Place basket assembly into coffeepot and replace lid.
5.  Place on high heat until percolation starts.
6.  Turn down to simmer and percolate 10-15 minutes,
according to the strength desired.

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