Thursday, December 7, 2017

Upcycled SnowPeople

When we moved into this house in summertime,
we acquired styrofoam in some of the packages we received.
Unfortunately, it is all too often the choice of packing material,
and it doesn't sit too well with my Earth-lovin' self.
I reasoned that if I could reuse it for some purpose,
having it around would be better than sending it to the landfill.
(I also listed it on a local Swap site,
hoping that maybe some art teachers could find a use for it.
So far, no takers.)

With a few other materials,
the winter project was begun.
The white strofoam reminded me of snow or ice,
so I thought it might be a good idea to fashion snow people out of the remnants.

Using a pencil, details were outlined on the foam,
and then traced over with markers and paint.

These skewers were used to attach the heads to the bodies.
If you have toothpicks or small dowels,
that would work too.

I'm no artist, but am happy with the results.

A white blanket acts as a snowbank,
so these two will be right at home
for a good, long stay.
We may be getting a dusting of the white stuff tomorrow!
That is so exciting to someone who spent over 40 winters in balmy Florida.

We will be hunkered down for the next few days,
enjoying our cozy nest and (hopefully) getting some holiday baking done.
What do you like to do on cold, (almost) winter days?

bucket o' "snowballs"

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