Friday, December 15, 2017

Garden Friday

 We had a bit of winter weather in the last week,
although it's officially still autumn.
This is what our garden looked like for a few days.

 After the snow melted, the pots were uncovered during the day,
so that the seedlings and crops could get some much-needed sunshine.
The inverted pots worked exceptionally well,
and no signs of freeze damage were found.
Here are the plants that sailed through the bitter cold.

Broccoli is still flourishing,
and I actually sampled a bite yesterday.

The Brussels Sprouts are starting to bud out on the main stalk.

Both of the kales seem hardy enough.
This is dino kale, and below,

 Vates curly kale.
These have been munched on many times.

The leek have no trouble dealing with frigid temperatures.
They snuggle together in their container and continue to thrive.

The shallots also have a deep bin in which to grow.
All of the crops seemed to drink up every drop of sunshine and heat.

Surprisingly, even the youngest seedlings
have gotten through the snow and freezes.
I simply covered the whole lot of them with an overturned pot. 

I checked on this parsley that was started from seed.
It had been transplanted to a bed in front of the house earlier in the fall, 
and I was happy to see it doing well.

This shot makes me smile.
This is our collection of pumpkins from the beginning of fall.
If we were still in Florida,
they would have long been rotted by now.
We delight in the preservation powers of the cold.
Hmmm, maybe it will do the same for me?

 I have no idea what kind of tree this is,
but it is something to behold.
Each one of the golfball-sized seed pods
hangs from its bare branches like ornaments on a Christmas tree.

 What a unique gift this tree offers.
Just a quick shake of the pod
results in endless potential.
Mother Nature never stops providing.

 This week I have marveled at the brilliance of the blue skies,
and been grateful for the returning sun.

There is so much beauty around us.
Every day is another chance to show gratitude 
for this magical world in which we live.

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