Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Benefits of Living in a Small House

Tiny homes are all the rage.
I have to admit, they are very appealing,
especially if you are young, single and interested in staying debt-free.
What a great way to start out your adult life.
A home is considered tiny if it measures under 1,000 feet.
Although we don't live in a tiny home,
at just over 1400 square feet, 
our new homestead is quite a bit smaller than our last home.

Here are some reasons why a small home might work for you:

~Lower Initial Cost and Monthly Expenses
Although we have more property than our last home in Florida,
this house initially cost us less than what we sold our home for.
We were able to pay cash for our home,
and keep our lives debt-free.
It varies from region to region,
but overall,
the smaller the home, the less it's going to cost.
We also save monthly on our utilities.
We've been pleasantly surprised by lower electric and water bills.
In fact, the monthly bill that costs us the most is our cable/internet/phone bill.
If your household needs to have these luxuries, 
the size of your home won't matter,
but the majority of your monthly expenses will be less. 

~Lower Taxes
For the most part,
the smaller the house,
the smaller the tax bill.
Less square footage equals more money in your pocket.

~Less Furnishings to Purchase
Since the house is on the wee side,
fewer provisions are needed.
This saves money on purchasing decorative items
and saves time on maintaining them.

~Better Energy Efficiency
With less square footage to heat or cool,
it just makes sense that smaller houses are more energy efficient.
Adding insulation or replacing windows to aid in efficiency
costs less because of the smaller footprint.

~Easier to Keep Clean
It takes me a fraction of the time I used to spend cleaning.
Within 30 minutes I can clean:
both bathrooms
the kitchen
dust and mop the entire house.
Ninety minutes.  Done.
That makes cleaning less of a chore and quite manageable.

~Additional Leisure Time
Because you're not spending all of your time cleaning, furnishing,
or working to pay for a small home,
there is more available time to do what you like.

~An Easier Move
Should you need to relocate sometime down the road,
you'll have less to pack up and keep track of.
Of course, should you decide to downsize even further,
a bit of purging will be required.

Once you've experienced life in a cozy little nest,
it's difficult to think of going back to anything larger.
If you are someone who enjoys simple living,
choosing a small home is the best way to live your truth.

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