Friday, November 3, 2017

Garden Friday

 It's the first Garden Friday of November!
Each week we take a look at what's growing in the garden
here in Central North Carolina.
We've got a couple of updates to report.

 Let's start with a bit of good news, shall we?
The garlic is up!
We have 3 tubs planted and they were ready to take off!
It's so exciting seeing them emerge from the soil.
We are doing a little experiment by placing two bins in the full sun
and the other container up on the back deck, where partial shade rules.
So far, there's nary a difference.

 The leek continue to thrive in this cooler weather
and were recently banked with more soil.

A few leaves from the Brussels Sprouts have been sampled,

 as well as from the broccoli.
This Pacman variety is well-known for its
abundant offshoots once the main head is harvested.

 The Vates kale has been a care-free crop.
This one will definitely be sown again in the future.
I enjoy harvesting when the leaves are young and tender.
(Of course it has nothing to do with my impatience in waiting for growth!)

The green beans have been slow to produce.
This yellowing has been noticed the last week or so.
I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the low production.

Since I didn't cover these during the slight freeze we had recently,
I found some damage to the leaves.
I will be sure to create some covers or cloches for the pots.

 A few broccoli starts were transplanted into the straw bales.
I also gave them a dose of compost tea,
hoping to spur them along.
They have not performed as well as I had hoped.
I'm sure it's mostly because I am a newbie with this type of gardening.
Live and learn.

 The sugar snap peas seem to be doing the best in the bales.
And the frosts that are imminent actually help to sweeten them.

 Even with a couple of days of freezing morning temperatures,
we still have color here on the Piedmont.

 What a joy to have spring-like flowers
in the heart of autumn.

 I hope your November is shaping up nicely.
We are savoring each and every cool, crisp day,
filled with sunshine and perhaps a smattering of raindrops.
Mother Nature has been quite kind to us this year.

"Autumn shows us 
how beautiful it is
to let things go."

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